If there are seasons

The freezing cold scare last night brought back the warmth of a song from decades ago. I think being brought up in the equatorial belt is cool 😎. Singapore is so single-seasonly hot throughout the year, it never gets cold. This gives so much room for romantic concepts like this song / musical. This is a song that brings tears to my eyes, especially when homesick halfway around the globe.

The English translation for the Chinese title is “Come home if it gets cold”, which really strikes a chord from the refuge of home.


从前对着收音机  学唱旧的歌
我问妈妈为什么  伤心像快乐
妈妈笑着  说她也不懂得
我想出去走一走  喔  妈妈点点头

天冷你就回来  别在风中徘徊  喔
妈妈眼里有明白  还有一丝无奈
天冷我想回家  童年已经不在
昨天的雨点洒下来  那滋味叫做爱
唔  别在风中徘徊
唔  天冷就回来

渐渐对着收音机  学唱新的歌
我问朋友为什么  作梦也快乐
朋友笑说  他从不相信梦
我想出去走一走   哦  朋友点点头

天冷你就回来  别在风中徘徊
朋友的眼里有明白  还有一份期待
天冷我想回家  年少已经不在
今天的雨点洒下来  那滋味就是爱

现在对着收音机  听自己唱的歌
我的他问为什么  幸福不快乐
我微笑着  说我也不懂得
他想出去走一走  我对他点点头

天冷你就回来  别在风中徘徊
我猜我眼里有明白  还有一丝无奈
天冷他没回家  我仍然在等待
明天的雨点洒下来  那滋味就是爱
唔  别在风中徘徊
唔  天冷就回来

A fellow WordPress-er has posted on this song before, you can read the literal translation here. It is very touching expressing this from different roles and perspectives, yet the same question, yet the same wistfulness.

It never fails to get me in tears 😭 . So much existential angst about choices and decisions in life. The way I read this song is a pursuit of dreams, where people who love us may not bear to let us leave or be away, yet they love us enough to want us to be happy and free to achieve a better life out there. That is the kind of moral support from afar and the support that says “always here, waiting for you” and the doors of home are always open, anytime.

Sigh, observance of the full moon sweeping up yucky emotions. Full moon in scorpio at that :/ .

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  1. This is really a lovely song…

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yea, it is. I used to play the entire musical on repeat when working overseas (and homesick). 😀 I think it just made me more homesick then.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha. Yeah it happens… We tend to listen those songs which makes us feel the situation a little more pronounced.
        Still, I liked the lyrics….

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