Tide over time

Life changes; roles change; environs change; tides turn, over time.

I crawled to the front of the bumboat as we sleepily rumbled down Singapore River. First, a shot from the old days where shophouses for the rich Chinese merchants stood in a row. More rows behind, where goods are loaded and unloaded via the water route, all manually by the coolies (è‹ŠćŠ› = hard labourers). Singapore River was a live river then. Not that it is a dead river now, but it is now a reservoir (holding pretty much dead water) since the construction of the Barrage. Tide is now at the beck and call of Man. 😩 This water body has evolved so much over time, in different ways and we can see how technology changes the way of life and the environment. Even the Merlion has moved house a few times, and now has its little merlion cub.

I had the amazing opportunity to organise and host seventy amazing youths from ten different countries last year. Pretty much the proudest moment in my life, pulling off an event I never even thought I would have the opportunity to work on. There were hurdles and insecurities that made me want to pull out now and then, but miracles always happen – almost like Creator (through the words of Sananda) guiding / prodding me through it, “You wanted to live to your highest potential. The canvas is as big as the table you choose to place it on.”

So there, tides turn, and I rose to the occasion. 🙂

If you catch me in the picture, you would see a very tired but happy pale-faced half-dazed person. Half a year of preparation, five days of watching it roll. The whirlwind five days was much like walking on water – there was a magical force guiding my every move, as my physical body and brain were not holding up already. The magical force even had to rid me of all my computer devices one night, because if it didn’t (and if I still did not get enough sleep), my physical body would break.

Other than the Light Team doing the work behind the scenes, of course there were also the Earth Angels executing it. This was another turn of the tide – all roles switched over, I was the Chief this time. Supported by my ever supportive dad (with his BFF), and a very sharp mentor who stood by to help identify any weak links / loopholes before anything fall to pieces. And the nicer photos here credited to my brother-in-law. Babybro just gave advice on the side, and the best moral support was by not dissing me – he was Chief of a 30,000 people event in that same period, and did not tell me until his appearance on the news. 😀

I was Chief and we made it. 🙂

For further enjoyment of my vanity, you can view the videos here.

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