I love this gentle sunset while waiting for my shuttle bus ride home. It has the soft glow of the seventh plane, with a glimpse of the sun behind the clouds.

The picture frame is a mess though – all the skewed lines of different manmade elements,  so harsh so unwieldy.

Life has a way of putting forward concepts in the form of experiences. I was caught by surprise this morning in a very out-of-the-blue conversation, which really skewed my perspective for the entire day. My headspace was filled with “what??” and “why??” and more whats and more “why are you telling me this now”, with respect to the events and information that has been rolling in my direction. That is how Universe educates me these recent years – before I put things into a coherent line of thought, they just appear as a mess of skewed old perspectives compiled with new information.

That is also why I write, hoping that the cleaned up words can iron out kinks in my thought process.

I have not been reading astrological forecasts for a while now (it was a very short-lived fad in my life), and suddenly last night, I was reading about the mess of old stuffs coming back up this month of May. Ouch! A part of me feels they are self-fulfilling prophecies, as we try to squeeze the current events into the prophesied pigeonholes. But a fact is a fact – it is three and counting at the moment. Well, I guess I should be thankful for the benevolence of Universe in showing me the basic framework so I can be prepared and figure what’s going on as more fall in place. Puts me in a better platform to deal, than to run and hide.

Sometimes too, I believe, they were just thrown in place so we can switch perspectives for the different roles we play over different times. When they come in a mess, we just have to flail our arms in the air, and mess around with all the oddest ways of viewing through different lenses we never saw before. Instead of getting too logical about it. Universe’s act of enforcing experientialism while we try to run away from it through our airy thoughts.

Ah well, life. I shall just focus on getting to that soft glowiness of human existence. All the hard stuffs, well, they are just part of the obstacle course to train us. And I know I will do better every time. 🙂

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  1. OBA says:

    LOvely post.

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