There is the real, and there is the appearance. It appears that my place in the world is in front of plates of food – mostly cakes.

My Mac passed on last Friday, causing an immense amount of distress as it has travelled many places with me. For now, I have limited access to my photo gallery, and all that can “inspire” are just pics after pics of me holding on to plates of cakes. I snuck in one of Oliver’s just to show that the vanity runs in the family. 😀

I actually have no idea why I have so many photos taken with food. Guess I get really excited when the food I crave are available without the intolerance-inducing ingredients. Guess, too, the gleam in the eye made it too hard for the fellow diner to not want to capture the moment.

There are people who feel bad for me about not being able to eat this and that. Funny enough, I don’t feel that bad about it. When I feel bad enough, I will sneak a bite (and put up with the consequences after). It has made me more cautious, more picky about what enters my system, and therefore too, more amazed and thankful when my cravings get satiated.

There are just so many ways of viewing life. I don’t think it is a matter of being  (or trying to be) optimistic versus being pessimistic (or just plain grouchy), but just having a more thoughtful / mindful stance in framing up how one chooses to view circumstances as served. It’s not escapist, it’s not pretence, it’s just a matter of choosing what serves you best. I would rather spend time enjoying the good parts of life served, than to spend time thinking / worrying / deliberating what one cannot change. If that can be changed, it’s a different story altogether (nuances matter).

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  1. spinman74 says:

    my Instagram is full of videos and food photos. hahaha ><

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      hahaha. Right. I’ll follow you. See who gets hungrier. 😀

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      1. spinman74 says:

        Spinman74 i believe is my username😱

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