Inner world

This week’s Photo Challenge is quite a fun prompt. Here is a glimpse into the place in my inner world, which you can easily enter by viewing the A Card A Day I did in January.

As I spiralled into a teeny weeny scare, I went on a youtube-watching spree to study all the available astrological forecasts for this month. Haha, that is the kind of extreme I get into when in a “studying” mode. It was very interesting though, I learnt so much about myself, not just my star sign but how I digest information, and what resonates with me and what does not.

Firstly, I learnt: I really cannot get my head around astrology. There are things that I can pick up and understand at the snap of fingers, and this is obviously not one of them. I was pretty proud that I knew having the different planets in the different star signs makes good differences, more than just the sun sign we were born into. Horoscope readings that go on magazines and newspapers in general are usually Sun Signs. Then I started reading about Houses – the different planets in the different houses make a different impact on the different aspects of our lives.

Oh gosh, I never got around to comprehending that, not even up till this moment in time. Conceptually, I guess it is really similar to the other Chinese divination stuffs like 紫微斗数 (purple star astrology?) where the platform we have in the different aspects of our lives are governed (or guided?) by the stars that sit in those houses. The same with 八字 Bazi (eight characters / five elements). While the rules of the games are different, and the aim of the games are also different, I guess the framework should be similar: God gives everyone a fair share of everything – the difference is where the good and the bad falls, and how we make use of what we have. Ultimately, the key strategy is to be aligned! 😀 My life hack methodology. hahaha.

* * * bookmark: puzzle-solving in progress * * *

Anyway, I still cannot understand how these houses work for western astrology. I already spent another day trying to figure this puzzle:

Chiron moved from Pisces into Aries last month. Chiron is in my 7th house (??? Or 8th??? this took me an entire evening to still not figure!!!).

  • What has this got anything to do with me? It is moving from Pisces into Aries for everyone, it just so happens that I am Aries.
  • That was last month, what has it got to do with all the old stories I have to clear this month (specifically this / next week)?
  • Why is that an interesting story – about Chiron moving into Aries, retrograding, then back in Pisces, and then back into Aries again next year? It’s like tango-ing amongst the stars, in a very sinister (or healing?) manner. Just sounds like an emo search for self-identity, and getting all weepy at some point. 😥

* * * reward available: free tarot reading * * *

Secondly, I learnt: my place in the world is in front of a tarot spread. I ended up watching tonnes of tarot readings for all the different horoscope signs. Talk about distraction, and the “study mode”.

Thirdly, I learnt: I am really taken by sounds and rhythms. It is really a case of Venus in Taurus (see, i learnt something in astrology after all). When the videos have too many pauses, or I do not like the accent of the reader, or if she is not rhythmic in her manner of speech, I just skip to the next one. I finally found the perfect reader whom I am now subscribed to ~ the Tarot Empress. Her clips are short, so it’s just nice for my kind of attention span.

Ended up watching all the horoscopes for May 2018, and I learnt so so so much. Not about what holds this month, but how to be engaging with the readee (can’t really call it inquirer in this case), and how to stack cards up against another.

So there. That is where the place in my inner world lies.

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