Life is fairly simple to deal with at its two-dimension, or three-dimension. Throw in the fourth and the fifth dimension and it gets into a whole new level of complication. From another perspective, it can be seen as much more depths to the human existence as more layers of truths get unfurled.

Planning a trip in the three-dimensional world is fairly simple: here are the tickets, here are the available days, so therefore, here are the top places I want to fit into the itinerary since I will be in this part of the world for work. The additional dimensions complicate matters a little more – why these dates, why this part of the world at this point in time, and why these places (of all other great places) – which are more than sheer coincidences. Having an understanding of the additional dimensions is useful in understanding the purpose and the healing journey we are on. Universe does not just throw us information because it is interesting.

Access to the akashic records is a key I keep in my back pocket and hardly use. When Universe deems it is time I know something, the knowledge gets delivered in the most bizarre ways. I have also seen myself flipping the oversized book a few times in meditation, and never knew what I was reading at each occasion, but the revelation of the healing always comes a few days to weeks later. There are, too, times when I get curious and access the great white hall myself, and have to climb the big shelves to search for the relevant scrolls of records. So after a while, I hardly get curious, and will it up to Universe to deliver the messages in good time via whichever channels most appropriate for my highest good.

As a slow catcher, I have only understood each theme of my trips days / weeks / months after. So far, the biggest narrative I discovered was from the Bretagne-Normandy trip that I planned in great detail but never made (ended up being stuck in office all month).

A titbit of information came out of left field this evening. I was happily planning the itinerary for the Kansai region. Although I have been prodded umpteen times to make a trip to Tokyo, I had always brushed it off with “nah, no business to be there, I only want to visit Kyoto and the surrounds”. This time, for once, I learnt the narrative as a purpose instead of an afterthought! Haha, maybe it is Universe’s way of preparing me for the trip so I don’t break down in front of colleague(s) over something that happened centuries and lifetimes ago. I was so weepy just now it really caught me by surprise. Ouch.

For the curious, and the gossipy, well I was a princess who killed herself at a ripe young age of 18. I was laughing as I wept, “how is it that she wasn’t angry at all?!” Instead, all I could feel was her disappointment, despair and confusion. Such a strange phenomenon, and such a strange character. Guess too, I was probably a more compassionate person in a different existence. Less angry as well. But, from the eyes of my current existence, “how weak”. Yet, I saw too, how right the decision was for her circumstances then.

Well well, guess I am growing to be a less judgemental person on human choices and decisions. And more compassionate to human circumstances which shape human choices and decisions.

Closure, I seek this trip.
And please, please please don’t cry when there.  It’s embarrassing.

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  1. “When Universe deems it is time I know something”
    “Give yourself 12% of the credit”
    – Tony Stark (Avengers)

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