Awkward is the moment when you open up your Photo Library, and it shows endless photos of South America which you have never stepped in before. I thought I lost my mind to another parallel existence!

I have yet to clone my old comp to this new one, hence there are only a grand total of 3 photos that belong to me. Babybro’s travelling at the moment and all their photos are sync-ed to our family cloud, which takes over my entire collection at the moment. Just a few more days and it would be my turn to flood them back. 😀

But first, I have to figure out how these things work. Technology is indeed witchcraft to the ignorant. Both my trusted magicians are busy, and I am left staring at the fruit, muttering under my breath “priori incantatem”.

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  1. James says:

    … then cast a patronus on the South American photos. Just a tip. 😉

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