This is the first day of my life that I’m seeing this word, and I saw it twice in a row! The earlier one I saw was the royal family’s doppelgängers partying in a hot tub down Regent’s canal. It’s a hilarious, you really have to watch it, especially the interviews! This one here interviewed the queen.

I have a doppelgänger too! Though it feels a little awkward that she’s a TV star. Haha. Up till now, my classmates still call me by her screen name. There is a very fun side to it – whatever happened on screen filtered out into my reality. I remember this scene in the show (a Japanese TV Series called Long Vacation), and the next day, I was gifted a bouncey ball (the one she’s holding in her hand). 😀 😀 😀


Bookmark for myself: this is an interesting article outlining the different readings of this word / idea. Daily prompt is so educational, I am going to miss it so so so so so much.

I have also been watching Abraham Hicks on youtube these couple of days, and am starting to see me and my doppelgänger as one outside the vortex and one aligned to the vortex. I haven’t figured out which is which as yet, and I have a sense that we switch roles depending on where we are in relation to the vortex. For the uninitiated to this concept, being in the vortex means being aligned and feeling the flow of life unobstructed and smooth. Whereas, being out of the vortex infers being misaligned and feeling unsettled, troubled, confused, stuck, etc. It is a different feel from when we have obstacles in front of us, and we just calmly and knowingly address and tackle them – these we know are lessons that we need to pick up; these are not misalignments, they are still part of the vortex – you know, there is a knowingness.

I was feeling very out of sorts yesterday, and just knew that there must be a misalignment somewhere. My thoughts have probably gotten onto the “wrong” tangent and took me away from where my soul / self needs / wants to be at. There is this little radar beeping in all of us, that warns us when we drift off, and it really helps to listen to it. If you feel angsty, frustrated, edgy, confused, it is really time to examine where you are not listening to the little beeper. Just take a moment to pause, don’t think about those negative emotions and don’t try to figure out why those negative emotions. Instead, look and feel, see where your doppelgänger is – the one who feels light and at peace (does not have to be Happy per se, but at peace), the one who is still and in line with the moment, the one who is not flustered, not fidgeting, and not trying to get out of the moment.

Feel that space. Feel yourself in the shoes of your doppelgänger. Just feel.

Close your eyes and speak (do not think, just let yourSelf speak). Why is he/she where he/she is at? What has he/she done that you wish you have done?

There you go, magic. You now know what you have to act on to get to that space of stillness. Peace out. ❤

It really is that easy. There are times when the feeling is just plainly “do nothing“. Which is alright too. Haha, tell me about it, I am an Aries who is all about action “hey, tell me, Universe, what is it that I can do about it?? Quick quick, I just want to get on with it. Even to know to just get out of it is fine.” And then Universe keeps all still and quiet, “do nothing.” Tsk, the times we would like to use the F word on the Universe, and He just quietly smiles and repeats “do nothing” in the calmest of manner.

Those are the times when we know that divine timing is yet to arrive, because other factors outside our power has to get into their rightful place too. (Being impatient, one would draw a card and hope Universe gives a better answer, and then get “Wheel of Fortune”. TSK!!!) So yea, just be a sitting duck, instead of a headless chicken, and then pray hard that other energies are pulling their weights in the Universal scheme of things.

So yes, you see how powerful you are? You really have to pull your weight in listening to the guidance from the moment, from the Universe. We are all connected. Please, please, please do your part. Don’t get the rest of us stuck in our place too. :s

Well, of course, we are also in our own power to move, not just plain sitting ducks waiting for you to do something. We will just grow in all other aspects until you are ready or when the divine wheel starts to move to a different beat. Warning though, don’t get left behind. The spiral of consciousness moves with the energies who are ready. 🙂

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  1. Wow I would love to have a celebrity doppelganger haha!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      It’s fun for a while. After that, the jokes got a bit stale. 😀 Luckily the TV series weren’t around for too long. 😀


  2. Jules says:

    I have a few dopplegangers… most not living. But one is famous – Mona Lisa – same heritage. Another is a guy actor…I’m a gal. So that isn’t so flattering. When I was younger some not so nice children compared me to a cartoon character!

    I just tell everyone that the mold for my face is a common one 🙂

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  3. The whole Doppelganger concept is intriguing. I’ve had people swear that they someplace that I hadn’t been. I mean there are even websites dedicated to helping you find your doppelgangers.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      That sounds interesting! Did you try finding yours?


  4. Great info. Lucky me I found your website by accident (stumbleupon). I have saved as a favorite for later!


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