Long long time ago, on an island far far far away…

There stood a pagoda aged twelve hundred years old. It was the single remaining building of an entire temple estate, which I doubt the current inhabitants of the island knew about. 😀 I knew because I am a fact mole. I go around digging for facts, and when they do not tally, I dig deeper. It was unfortunate that the more curious the mole, the more dubious the unceremonious information that got dug up. 😀 😀 😀

Of the (not many) years I spent there, I only attended one prayer ceremony once. Here is the only photo I have of it. I cannot remember what occasion this was. Looking at the attire – summer and black and white – it was probably Zhongyuan Festival which is a little like a Chinese version of Halloween, but maybe a little more sinister. That is the month when the gates of hell open and spirits come out to roam the earth, and therefore offerings are given so as to keep them at peace (and away). This is the time when we pray to ancestors or any other spirits for any other reason. The island community was so big, there was a schedule so that people did not have to hang around for hours. At the end of the ceremony, everyone got a goody bag (see the boxes at the back?).

Not a big story, but I am determined to chip in every last prompt before The Daily Post shuts. 😥

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