At times, we lose sight of ourselves or our senses, and Universe throws in an alternative reality as a juxtaposition to remind us of who we really are, or what we really want. I am always thankful for that.

It is easy peasy to describe this “light” versus “heavy” theory*, but when our mind is all confused and we are not listening to our heart, how light does light feel and how heavy does heavy feel? Things may sound theoretically “right” and sound very much like “enjoyment”, but yet there is a nagging and unsettled feeling, then that is where there is still a misalignment that soul is calling out for. The inner beeper tells and warns us of things we may / do not foresee from a logical perspective, while the heart or soul (or whichever other aspect of our being) knows something deeper or broader, or sometimes even the hidden.

Sometimes we do not hear it because the Ego chooses what it wants to hear. And Ego always chooses the comfort zone, sometimes even disguising it as a safety zone. Sometimes too, the benevolent Universe steps in to show it to us in ways undeniable even to the human Ego. He juxtaposes the scenario to ignite that “lightness”, with the scenario of that which ignites the “heaviness”, so that the contrast is obvious and clear as day. If, even with such clarity, the human still chooses to deny that Truth, then I guess that would be the human’s own undoing and hence a lesson that must be put through.

Are you hearing the fluttering of your inner beeper yet?

* In the doppelgänger post but after the frivolous stuffs,
so you might have missed that.

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