The finality of things. Today is the last of Daily Prompt. Ouch!

Here is the Retrospective timeline of how it had helped prod me into writing, into posting, into posting more and more publicly, into posting more consistently even  when life feels dry.

  • 2016, June 18 – Moved Oh, border! to WordPress.
  • 2016, June 25 – Learnt about The Daily Post a week later. First use of the Daily Prompt!
  • 2016, July 14 – Second use of the daily prompt weeeeekkkkks later! Haha. So, I have been using this more like a diary than a blog~ archaic dinosaur I was. 😀
  • Second half of 2016 – Wow, I was pretty consistent, making it for 3-5posts a week!
  • 2017, April – Lowered the bar to a frequency of 3-5posts a month.
  • 2017, Aug – Momentum picked up again to 3-5posts a week.
  • 2017, September  29 – First use of the Photo Challenge! Oh gosh, I was so slow to catch on the magic.
  • 2017, October 26 – Joined the first non-WP challenge/prompt, all thanks to @dronstadblog.
  • 2018, January 1 – Resolved to post one post a day! And I have kept up with the momentum right till today. I have also proudly made it to almost every Photo Challenge after that.
  • 2018, May 12 – Wrote my first ever fiction.
  • 2018, May 21 – First time joining’s Cee’s challenges, although I have been following the contributions for the longest time.
  • 2018, May 31 – Last contribution to the Photo Challenge. Last of Word Press Daily Prompt too. Goodbye.

I am sure the WP Community here is strong enough to continue our support for one another, and carry on writing wonderful stuff. I will keep up with my reading for sure, it has been my very enriching companion for long commutes. Just that, now I will be scrolling through the Reader, instead of clicking on that grid of diverse thoughts on a single theme.

So Long, Farewell.

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  1. lifelessons says:

    See if you can post a link on the forum to this very effective retrospective showing of the effect DP has had on you. Perhaps it isn’t too late to save DP. Great post. https://judydykstrabrown.com/2018/05/31/requiem-for-the-daily-post/

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Oh wow. I didn’t know there’s a forum. Let me look for it.


  2. Absolutely the engagement and support of the WP community is amazing and wonderful! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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