Rural Redux

Old habits die hard. I just had to find a Word to focus my thoughts, and here is one for today. Curious Steph and friends are putting up words here, and the latest site here, the first one being Redux. I have pretty much had enough of my own whinging about closure of the daily post, so I shall move on back to my daily life now that there is a new word community. 😀 Thanks Steph and all.


Welcome the rural life redux and here I am back in the farming scene for a breather. There is something very comforting about village living, and I am still hoping for it to ease out the very puzzling knots in my queasy stomach. Rice is everywhere, and it feels so home – not because I eat much rice, but there is something solacing about their golden yellowish green swaying gently in the wind. The padi fields move like a little matrix of synchronised magic in the cool breeze.

It is overcast here, and I was kind of worried when I first landed. Not exactly superstitious, but after decades of development work, I do look out for signs from the Universe in decision making and guidance. How the rain falls, how it drizzles, or how clear and sunny the blue skies are, they do sort of inform me about what is “good” or not. Funny, right? I have spent weeks in places where they were supposed to have rain or fog that period, but remained sunny and clear during my entire stay, and any inclement weather happened only when it was the perfect timing to.

This trip, I learnt about judgement again. Whoever says overcast skies and rainfall are bad? It was just another human conditioning of mine. First messages when I touched down was, “you are so lucky, it’s raining today”. Well, ahem. What is so lucky about rain? I was still wondering what Universe was trying to warn me about. Maybe some form of cleansing, purification of bad abodes? Aunt repeated the same, “it’s so hot here, you are so lucky it rained. Do you want to go to the cold spring facing the ocean?”

So yes, I am now recalibrating myself for this, trying to re-philosophise the idea of “inclement weather”. Sometimes dark clouds need to gather, erupt and clear out the crap, so that the sun can seep its clarity through again. Maybe sometimes, there is too much sun causing too much heat, and cloud cover can ease out the intensity for a bit while the storm brews. And then gather, erupt, and clear again.

Life is interesting. I still don’t like grey clouds. I don’t like murkiness. I don’t like the feeling of not knowing what’s brewing. BUT, I do trust that everything in life happens for a reason, and I do trust that whatever good or “bad” happens, there is a bigger story behind. I know that it has to be for the better good for all, but I just hope that I can take it as the best good for my human self, and that it is something “humanly good” that I appreciate.

Pray, tell, Universe. Tell me good news I can take. ❤

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