My imagination went a little wild today and I broke into guffaws when I saw this statue of Mazu. This is probably how one looks when: meditating with a crystal ball and a WhatsApp message comes in, then having to check and see WhatsUp. The exact pose of a half-lotus, half-sitting – a good chance to awaken the sleeping leg muscles.

Mazu is the goddess looking after seafarers and widely worshipped in the Chinese coastal regions. She is very celebrated and revered in Taiwan and the followers hold many huge processions all over, and even all-round the island. We passed by one today, all the generals on high stilts. It was very impressive. Will upload the video when time permits.

In order to entice the younger generation to continue this faith, there are very cutesy versions of her as advertisements.

* * * yikes, a little disoriented on the road * * *
Thank you Patty for the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Imagination

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