Here I am at the top of a mountain, gazing down to a panoramic view of a port city. Weather is terrific, with a cool breeze intermittently blowing in my face, while the sun shines through from above. Perfect. To top it off, crisp melodious bells can be heard chiming somewhere further down the mountains.

It is hard to even think of what to write about nightmare here. The biggest one for me would be the butterflies everywhere – on the ground, along the walls, hovering the colourful flowers. I used to be very fearful of butterflies, and have spent years on therapy to get over the phobia. At this moment, I am surviving, and I believe I will be able to get to the foot of the mountain without any drama. Cross fingers and toes.

Playing with cards have helped me face deeper issues beyond the superficial fears. I guess all the reading and studies and experimentation into the meaning of the cards have helped me see that we really do not have to be stuck where we are. Nightmare is an in-your-face Nine of Swords to me. What it taught me is that we are really bound by our thoughts, and that is not reality. Or rather, reality is how we choose to frame it.

How many of us are held back by how many types of fears. Everything looks ominous if we choose to hold on to past fears, fears of past experiences, all these immobilising us from taking real action to get beyond that which holds back in the dark, rather than stepping up and into the possible light. It is easier said than done, but it is also a reminder that our thoughts spiralling in the turmoil of fears, are the inner demons, not the reality. When one wakes up from the nightmare and realise that all the fears were unreal, and that the world is a different one from those conjured fears, are we then ready to take on the lighter and brighter possibilities of life?

I used to have so many fears. Then I tell myself that life is too short to keep within that tiny circle. How bad can it be to step out of it? The worst is death, which is the most definitive point in life too. Shrugs. I don’t know, life has been fun, exciting and adventurous since I started pushing myself out of the comfort zone. It is with my sincere wishes that more will step up and live their divinity. As Co-Creators of life, shouldn’t we try to create the highest potential that Creator has granted us?

Thank you Curious Cat for today’s prompt: Nightmare.

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  1. For me a special reminder that change can be beautiful are the autumn leaves in all their glorious color.

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