Greenday or Greens Day it was today. And the prompt is Pickle! From this set of photos, can you guess which ones are pickled?

I actually can’t really tell. How pickled should ingredients be before they are really considered pickled? Half an hour? Overnight? A week? Years?
Questions aside, it is now Showtime! A few candidates to portray the idea of pickled. 😉

The “dessert” platter on the left has the plum (in red) “briefly” pickled in vinegar (and sugar! yumz). The ginger (in brown) was pickled slightly longer, I assume, and the rolled up comma-like leaf was probably minimally pickled. The salad on the top right has two pickled items – the ginger on the left and the radish on the right – and a pseudo-pickled item but it is actually a sweet crunchy refreshing food that I have no idea what it is. The one on the bottom right is still in the pickling process! It is some plant that is covered in a  slimeball of clear jelly (I think it is naturally like that, I ate that in Hangzhou before), cucumber, and cherry, and the clear liquid you see there is vinegar.

Okay, the rest are fresh cooked food. This meal is a whole series of bite-sized degustation – dishes after dishes of impeccably prepared food, and each bite is a different taste and most amazingly, a different texture. The last picture is the menu! I obviously have not figured out everything I was eating. It is vegetarian! Other than the soba which has 30% gluten and the tempura which also contains gluten (but she didn’t ask if I was okay with it, so … maybe they changed it to rice? hahahaha, is that even possible?) everything else is edible food for me.

The other delicious part of this meal is the view and the space. Here we go, more greens! This time, lush ones. We then walked around the little onsen town, and … I have apparently grown so round from the food intake that I fit perfectly in the circle of tansan senbei. More tickled than pickled. :/

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