Yikes, another tough one! Limerence – what difference is that from unrequited love, and how does one differentiate that from real but unspoken deep connection with another? My guess is that it is a matter of heart versus mind, the crux being the throat.

Limerence sounds like a whole load of obsession and fantasy, and that would be attributed to the Mind. In the language of cards, I suppose this would be the XV Devil card together with the Eight of Swords, maybe with the Seven of Cups as well? Guess the difference from unrequited love would be that it was not expressed but really just in the airy fairy mind of fantasy? It is a little sad because being engaged in fantasy (very Seven of Cups) keeps the person in the air and never having to face the pain of knowing it is unrequited love. Whereas, if it had been the case of the latter – unspoken deep connection, felt but not “earthed” – then the person can well be missing out on a great love that was not materialised. Ouch.

So it is really important to know when is heart speaking, and when is mind playing its tricks and games. When in doubt, use the throat! Only expressed thoughts can receive the answers lurking around the air. A lot of times, heart knows better, yet a lot of times, we trust mind a whole lot more. When Mind tries to stop the Throat, one shall know that it is definitely a matter of Ego.

How convoluted. Hmm. Zeo did remind me that throat is the bridge between the heart and the mind. Another more visible trick would be to observe one thing – when held in that conflict, do you keep clearing your throat, or feel an itch of a cough that never clears? Well, I still feel – listen to Heart. Heart knows better in this context. It is obviously Mind being overprotective and holding Throat back.

Thank you Martha for today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: Limerence.
Tough one to delve into. Will let it sit a little more and then reposition my stand when I get my head around this concept.

Post first, think later. 😉

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  1. Limerence isn’t that deep. It’s generally when you find you have the feeling you’ve known someone before, a crush, an infatuation that might not ever be romantic. Maybe it could even describe the way I feel about the San Luis Valley. Anyway, it’s a pretty useless word.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hehe it’s a big word that holds a lot of air~ there are many articles written about it! It’s even a question on Quora. Sounds like a mental state that many people are in but they mistook it for unrequited love when it is just them being trapped in their own minds. “Misdiagnosis” makes it hard to tackle the real issue (of fantasy and obsession).

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  2. To Young Hearts says:

    Interesting. I always wondered why unrequited love was present within sparks of chemistry… This sort of helps me understand. Mind versus heart.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I’m still trying to figure too. That’s my interim conjecture at the moment! Will share if/when new understanding enters the picture. 😉


  3. Good strategy. Post first, think later. 🙂

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