Wow, I didn’t know that cataract also means downpour, shower, waterfall, etc! I was waddling in a series of different cataracts today. It was drizzling when I stepped out into the Imperial Palace this morning, and it became a slightly heavier shower when I went to the Nijo Castle. Decided that there must be a reason, and retreated to the hotel after. Well well, I was caught up with a range of minute “fire-fighting” over a myriad of things. But the key project I was waiting for was still not ready … yet it had already turned sunny (a tiny ray of sun shone through) outside, so I decided to just venture to the mountains again. While I was all worried, but also refused to waste time hanging around waiting, I saw a little rainbow peeking from behind the clouds. 😀 I guess that’s Someone Up There saying, “hey, chill, it’s going to be alright”.

I am here happily writing now, because yea, everything went very alright. ❤

To spread the zen-ness a little, here are some cascading cataracts I have been meditating at these weeks. Strolling up and down mountain temples are basically walking meditations with the sounds of nature – water flowing along the drains everywhere, birds chirping everywhere. At times where/when it was not crowded, I sat down to just ask the space, “so, what wisdom can you share with me at this moment”. Indeed, I learnt a lot. We can actually tune into spaces and these frequencies we tune into can actually take us to a certain time-space holding certain information. Sounds unbelievable,  but we shall find out as life unfolds. 😉

I can’t upload videos on my WordPress yet but you can view some clips of the teenyweeny cataracts in their torrential voices on my Instagram, or try meditating on the insta pictures (proudly #nofilter)! These places hold amazing energies.

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  1. curioussteph says:

    You seem to be having a fine adventure!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yup!!! I feel like I’m travelling different worlds.


  2. Wonderful! I did not know it meant that either – In fact, in my mind I keep trying to make cataract a boat. Will have to google that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leapingtoes says:

      Ahhhhhhhh!! Cataract boats!!! So many words we take for granted! Now it makes sense – cataract boats for maneuvring over cataracts! 😀 😀


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