Catching up on this prompt almost one week late would be considered pretty antediluvian, no? Unintended pun, heh, the OCD in me is still pretty determined to respond to all RDPs 😉 Trying to read all the linked posts now, as I feel a sense of emptiness swarming up. It is tough to be back home after three weeks of venturing in new terrain. Yet, the safety and comfort of home is much appreciated. That is life, I guess.

Also catching up on the questions posed by Kiwinana, who had so liebsterly (i just learnt the word!) nominated me and let me selectively participate in just answering questions. 😀

I started blogging because I have always loved to write, and it maps out my thoughts in a coherent manner. Otherwise, these thought would remain an overwhelming messymishmash of fluff floating around in my head. Public blogging started because I start to realise that when we open up and share our thoughts, we are giving everyone else a chance to understand and acknowledge that there really are all kinds of thoughts and perspectives in this world, and an opportunity to open up our minds and our hearts. (I am reshaping my thoughts on this topic every other day!)

My favourite food to go to would always be ice-cream. I am dairy-intolerant though. :/ As much as I can, I try to take dairy-free ice-cream, but when that’s not available, I take any good ice-cream.

I believe there’s nothing we cannot live without. But I prefer to have my Smartphone, because it gives me the freedom to travel and be mobile without having worry about work at the back of my mind. It is also a very useful tool navigate my way in the real world, thanks to Googlemap and Yelp.

I am an Aries.

The best thing for me about blogging is that I get to read many other people’s ways of life and the perspectives they frame the world in, and when they comment in mine, I see/hear a same/different/bigger voice than my own. To me, it is more interesting than other social media, because bloggers tend to put in more effort in penning out their thoughts, and somehow they feel more authentic than the flashes of showystuffs on other forms of social media.

When I am not writing, I am reading. Err, heh, even for my job, I am reading, which is really fun. I like to tinker with things – make this craft, try that art, do some yoga. Oh yea, I travel a lot. It is almost ingrained in my life already, so I just go around interacting with the rest of the world of different cultures. Funny how my life sounds empty when I write these out, yet it feels very full when I am experiencing these. Hmm. Such is what I do, think about weird questions when I am not writing, or even when I am writing.

I drink iced black coffee in the morning, pack them and sip them as I make my way to wherever. Singapore is hot. I need coffee, but hot ones are not a great way to start, I drink the hot ones only when I am settled in with a proper table and a proper mug.

Life makes me laugh. Existentialism makes me laugh. Oliver makes me laugh. I am easily laughable, I think.

I AM LOVE~ would be how I would describe myself in three words. Well, it is actually a mantra I am trying to buy into. I guess the real three words would be “I live life” which is my latest fad / approach – to live life fully in every present moment, whatever we are given, wherever we are, there is some powerful wisdom to be mined.

I have some wild hummingbirds or sunbirds that hang around my balcony waiting to play with Oliver everyday. A concrete jungle is not a good habitat for holding any animals other than human beings, I suppose.

Ooooh yay, this is fun. Thank you for the questions~

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you thank you~ ❤
      Life had been crazy, so I choose be nice about it. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. kiwinana says:

    Thanks for answering those questions, I’m sure your readers will enjoy getting to know you. Have a peaceful weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ArtsyChic Creations says:

    Speaking of questions..I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award 😊


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