I am starting to love this whole blogging exercise more and more, and more and deeper discussions go on in the comments sections. In particular, the recent conversation with Lightness Travelling just before the quake dawned a few revelations in me. I started examining occurrences in a little bit more detail from a slightly different perspective I never saw before.

“No answer who might have a wink for you. Perhaps just a tree or a place. But I think it will guide you. Such destinations call us to them.” – Lightness Travelling

Indeed, indeed. I have been used to having feathers appear out of nowhere, that I forgot sometimes Kami (Spirit/Universe) guide us in the form of the alive natural world. I was looking through the photos digging for my favourite Golden Pavilion, and then these two pictures sprung up at me.

I was at Ryoan-ji, enjoying the blue skies and how beautiful the crisp shapes of the maple leaves light up against the sun in the clear blue skies. It was a windless day. While I was taking photo of it, the branch lowered itself and touched me on my head. I snapped another shot as I let out a giggle and uttered, “thanks!” but did not think much about it. (I always thank the angels for many little things – e.g. helping me hold the lift everytime and everywhere, not having to lift a finger is always lovely.)

My cousin also asked me about the places I visited, and I recalled to her about the tears and the golden light at quite a few of the shrines/temples/etc I visited. It was the same for her (so yes, I’m normal!). Coincidentally (then again, nothing is coincidental), the sequence of the photos reminded me too that the entrance of Ryoan-ji was where I saw a very very bright loving pink and golden light when I stood in front of the deity figure to say my little prayer. I suppose it was a reassuring gesture to tell me that everything will be alright, and they are spinning blessings my way!

Guess there must be some hidden guidance within this place. I walked for 20-30mins from Kinkaku-ji to get to this place, so I’m pretty much hearing its call very loud and clear. 😀

It feels very iffy to be navigating life with this intangible compass. However, this intangible compass has proven to be extremely reliable, even at times when it sounds extremely ridiculous to be following it. I remember the night before the quake, I was getting very strong nudges to finish up my work, “wrap it up, you’re are going to be very busy tomorrow”. So I stayed up till half past one in the morning, and woke up at five-ish to finish up as much as I could. I remember leaving very weird messages for my colleague about not being able to do this and that because I really won’t have time the next day. It was super darn weird because by sheer logic of schedule planning, it really was not a big deal to do whatever tasks discussed.

Even in the morning, I had two options of which train to take. I was in time for the earlier one, but the still little voice says, “wrap up your work first, you won’t have much time today”. So, in a way, I am rather certain that this adventure was something I had to go through? If I had taken the earlier one, I would have reached the airport by 8am, and thus go through at most a 2-min walk to the destination since it struck at 7:58am. Shrugs.

Well, I did pray (a lot!) for the clearing of all karmic ties and relations with this part of the world, and also for the release of all vows, oaths, and conclusion of any contracts; for myself and on behalf of the other soul (if I may be allowed to do so for our highest good). Hah! So that may be the answer to the prayer, “alright, here you go, let’s shake them all up and complete them in a day”. Talk about blessings in disguise. 😉

Just my guesses. We shall find out in time to come.

I have signed myself up for another Theta workshop next week – “Accepting Creator’s Blessings”! Really looking forward to this, as I just spotted a pattern which would be great to have an answer to.

Three years ago, I was caught in another event – a double-bomb attack that failed on both accounts. The nudge was also very strong then, “you have to leave this place before 31st January”. I changed my flight twice, and my itinerary three times that trip. I did not listen to the little voice at first, and wanted to stretch things a little, so … that was how I got myself caught in that incident on the 31st Jan 2015 in Bangkok. Fortunately, the terrorist messed up.

Moral of the story? Listen to the still small voice. And don’t even try or bother patronising it. When it comes to precision, “just five days more, maybe in another place?” do not work. When it says “Leave”, Leave.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words for my rough-and-tumble spirit. I very much understand what you’re saying here. Some of the most profound moments of validation appear in times of simple flow, when we merely follow the path we find before us… whether it leads to an obscure temple in Tainan or a tree at Ryoan-ji. Life simply is what it is. But we always have the choice of what we take from it, and consequently what we learn and how we grow. d(-_^)

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Choice is a very important keyword! We make many choices in the moment that we do not notice, until something happens and we look back in retrospect.

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  2. curioussteph says:

    Paying attention to the still small voice and trusting it. We always have a choice, and it can be difficult for the head to release control.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yup! Luckily it’s a good exponential curve: the more we trust, the better the experience, and it just accumulates; and with time, it slowly buys the mind over … …

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      1. curioussteph says:

        a great way to conceptualize it!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      hehe I want to be vibe-ing with all the good things in life!!!! 😀 ❤

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  3. ArtsyChic Creations says:

    Absolutely, I listen to my inner voice, inner guide or my intuition.😊💪

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