We are all Work-in-Progress

The more I ramble, the more I stumble upon little gems in the whole bed of gravel. These little gems have been shining their energy vibrations through the bed of gravel, but I don’t notice them until one day some popped right through.

It dawned on me today that we are all work-in-progress. Or, I view life and people and all beings as works-in-progress. That is why I get so peeved when I hear people complaining, particularly about other people/cultures, and particularly when it carries a tone of superiority. I’m no better, I whinge so much about plainly existing and the angst of this meaningless existence that I’m struggling to find a purpose to – which I have now just thrown my hands in the air and accepted that the best way in and out is to embrace the meaninglessness of our existence and make the best use of whatever. And now, life is fun. 🙂 Keenness of living, or of life? Not so much.

Cards, or the Universe, appears to be prompting me to stop flirting with religions and stick to one. Repeated hierophants, that is/was, for years. I am not keen at all about having a religion at all, not to say sticking to one. I have explored many, because I am intrigued by what is going on in the world, in people’s hearts and minds, particularly in my family which is another myriad of differences. However, as prompted and prodded by the Universe, I did consider seriously each time, on whether there is a line of thought or of beliefs that I can stay with. I have probably written many posts on this, each one different from an earlier version, because … well, search, journey, all evolving.

I have read books, scriptures, chanted mantras, attended sermons, mass, and pretty much feel an affinity to most, if not all. They are all useful in guiding me at whichever point of my life into opening up and gaining the direction into the next. I don’t know, the Universe / God / Creator guides me that way – without a specific / fixed line to any doctrines. Whenever and wherever I stayed long enough to spot some human notions that carry personal beliefs that do not resonate with me (or, more like they conflict with mine), then I start questioning the religion again. Not the religion per se, but the narrow-mindedness of human thoughts carried as the word of the religion. That is why I don’t stay long enough with any. I still sit in churches / cathedrals / shrines / temples to hear His word, as spoken to my heart or my soul or my consciousness. Guidance spoken through words of any strangers, or sometimes even some flitting animal or object that happen to share the space.

I don’t even know how I came to this. But anyway, I have to remind myself not to express too much about religion. Where there are humans, there are conflicts. Until the day humans learn to embrace that God appears to us in different ways, I shall try to keep off this topic.

Okay, back to why I even started this post. Guess, I was a little overzealous when I suddenly realise maybe the “Hierophant” is pointing me to the Zen philosophy. 😀 I have been keeping an eye out for something to “stick to”, but as explained above, I never found it. Yet, sometimes some things are just in us, but we never discovered. Haha, all in vain, this whole search for something that in already in us. What resonates with me? Or rather, who. There are some people that I read a lot, and follow in their teachings, not for their teachings per se, but their trains of thoughts put me on a platform that can accept and broaden my viewpoint of life and living in this humanly world of ours. In a sense, they bring light. They sort of shine a torch on something that makes sense to me (at this point). Maybe as I travel this world a little more, someone / something else will fit or lift me into a different platform of understanding.

But for now, seems like the hierophant is instituting the zen framework – this spectacles I shall put on to approach life. Until the next spectacle. 😉

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  1. Fascinating. I’ve come to few conclusions myself. I have a very heavy physics/engineering background, which colors my ideas about “this”. I not too long ago left a long comment on the blog of a sincerely Christian friend, who also happens to be a very intelligent, well-recognized and peer reviewed scientist (“The Book of Works”). He feels that the universe reveals its **purpose** to us through its workings. I believe otherwise.

    Regarding Zen, my introduction came through the academic writings of Daisetz T. Suzuki, and later Alan Watts existentialist perspective in “The Spirit of Zen”. Eventually, someone handed me Eugen Herrigel’s, “Zen and the Art of Archery” as archery was my competitive sport all through college, and I started having some Zen-like experiences as a result of the disciplined repetition. I think Thich Nhat Hanh and Suzuki Rōshi are/were able to present more humane perspectives on the discipline… maybe better for the everyday.

    My own training was via Rinzai-shū, way back in my university days. My takeaway was simply to better “experience” the moment… “you are here”. However, I don’t see meditation as the vehicle for the **experience**, only as a practice that allows one to perhaps get better at noticing it… a means to an end that’s already there, and why I so like Suzuki Rōshi’s, “Wherever you are…”

    My apologies for the long comment.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      You are my reading list, thanks!
      There’s a Chinese saying 既来之则安之, which took me years to grasp the depth of its meaning. Will blog about it soon, as I just happened to discuss this with someone last night.
      As for meditation, here’s my *latest* take on it https://ohborder.wordpress.com/2018/04/22/the-mallet-dropped/

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      1. Afraid my Chinese is a “work-in-progress”. My interpretation based in Japanese is probably way off the mark (and I don’t recognize the 4th character). But I’m now very curious about the phrase. And thank you for the article link. There’s much I’d like to know more about.


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