Trace Train of Thought

Tracing my train of thought is not easy. They do not usually run on the same tracks. Or maybe I have a special magic train that leaps and flies up in the air and lands on whichever tracks that is fancy (or it fancies) at the moment. Want to give it a go? Haha.

Today’s RDP comes from Tracy. Tracy is from Australia. Australia brings to mind my Melbourne days. Melbourne days, well, one just cannot forget Melby weather. Four seasons in a day seem to be a trace of the possibility of how I am so (surprisingly) accepting towards weird stuffs that creep into my life. Weird stuff –> odd humour keep me sane. And suddenly, I recalled this interview some guy had. Tada~ there you go, tracing all the way to the inspiration for this post.

“Because it’s Tuesday.” Hahahahahah. I can’t find the source to this article though. Sorry dude, whoever you are, I really love your interview and the very befitting image painted of this great place to live in. 😀


I remember going to school in a winter jacket. After two hours of lecture, I was out in my tee shirt, having to lug the huge jacket around. I remember too, sitting out at a cafe in winter reading a book, when I got home, I had tan lines. I remember too, sleeping in after submitting a project. When I woke up, the roads were covered in ice (hailstorm). Yes yes, because “it is Tuesday” or any other great, big, normal Melbourne day.

Just another day of thoughts running all over the place.
And yay, a successful re-trace!

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  1. curioussteph says:

    fun. just because its Thursday. Friday in Melbourne, I think.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Haha oops….
      It’s weekend already~!!


  2. I love it. I love Melbourne too. 🙂

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