Learnt a new word the past couple of days. Hooyah!

When I first saw it, I thought it was auto-generated translation from Thai in Facebook. FB had been helping me read exotic languages which have been filling my homepage much. 😀 Then I spotted a pattern, it follows every good news, and usually the good news has English following the Thai script. So, it has to be an English expression!

Then my lazy fingers dialled into google to see what it really means. hahaha. Not in the dictionary yet, but maybe it will soon? Maybe even run for word-of-the-year. As with my flighty mind, I started imagining all sorts of things that go with it – I am sure it will go well with the hang loose hand sign. 😀

Anyway, it is a relief that everything went okay, with the exception of the demise of a hero. To me, it is a miracle. It serves well as an example of how humanity can behave in self-organising across borders, across what certain people might have seen as differences. Skillset, trust, teamwork, humanity. We are all humans, we all have a heart and a spark of oneness in us, to jump in and help another (not other). Skills, strengths, expertise, material resources are what can be brought to the table; love, compassion, and good thoughts and kind words can keep the spirits up and the morale high. So many unsung heroes in the picture too – the explorers who may have not found the best strategy in, but explored every possibility available; the cooks who provided sustenance to the rescuers; and the people praying and sending love/light (this sounds out-of-the-world coming from me in this type of context, but I am more sure now that collective consciousness can make a change) – they held the space for miracles to happen – or maybe ward off all those naysayers.

We (or at least, I) don’t and didn’t forget all the other children suffering in the world who did not get this kind of media attention or focus. But this is a good showcase to the world of what we can achieve if we do bring our resources together. We can slowly infiltrate these ideas (maybe?) into the collective consciousnesses and then expand it into helping other underprivileged. Maybe many youths will feel inspired to do this sort of work after this, which is sort of sowing a little seed too, right?

Hehe, a funny hour for daydream. But anyways…..
Great job!!!!!!!!!! and thank god it all went well. ❤

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