Today’s RDP is Superstition, andĀ friggatriskaidekaphobia means a phobia of Friday the 13th, so says the wiktionary.

I used to have that phobia, following the death of a schoolmate when I first entered high school. It was a horrific car accident where she was found by her dad in the next car after two or three cars went over her. I never paid attention to Friday the 13th before that, but everyone else in school was talking about it, and that really sticky-noted in my head.

I have cleared that energy from my brainspace earlier last year, thanks to the years put into understanding the broader perspective of life, and specifically in this case, letting go of some karmic lesson through healing with the bestest buddy of mine in this life. Dad and I went through a similar event in a past life, which was sort of part of what brought us back together now, and there are bigger lessons to learn from that, and yea, I’m working on it. After K explained the “underworkings” of the lesson, it brought a lot of clarity to why Dad is so extremely protective over my safety, compared to my two siblings. It was very puzzling because bro and I do the same kind of stuff – travelling to underdeveloped countries for work – but dad’s level of concern (and objection) comprised two separate benchmarks which I used to attribute to gender difference. Through a lot of energetic healing, and also reassuring him in the physical realm, there is a stark improvement from that fear now. When I got back from Osaka and chatting with my family about the trip, I asked my parents, “were you worried about me?” They just shrugged with nonchalance. Mom said, “you said you’re safe”. šŸ™‚ Mom has a different theory altogether, which sort of shone some light and a theory I would want to embrace. This was a while ago, but guess it will apply now and in the future, “if you are meant to do this kind of work, Someone up there will be watching over you and providing you with the guidance to keep you safe and do more of this kind of work”.

What a huge digression. Okay, more case studies on Friday the 13th. There are two key things I avoid when travelling – Chinese airlines and Friday the 13th. It was an unspoken rule in my team, I think. If I ever had to travel on either of those, it would be highlighted before the itinerary gets confirmed. That one time it got broken on both notes, it got me into where I am today. I met someone on Friday the 13th ten years ago, and that utterly changed my life. That broke rules for a couple of years when I had to travel only by Chinese airlines. Tsk. That helluva curved ballĀ reinforcedĀ friggatriskaidekaphobia for a few years, until I finally gained the perspective and knowledge of how things happen because they are meant to happen.Ā Living in the depth of hubris and narcissism for a few years forced me into an inner world and one of deep learning and I learnt the importance of loving myself (how ironic though!). So yea, I have that to thank for the liberation and freedom I gained from my viewpoint about life now. That must be the reason why Universe sent this article my way today – We Only Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime. I used to think it was my dad, my bro, and my favourite person (the only three people I would wholly trust my life with). hahaha. It is really funny how perspectives really shine different kinds of light on the way we read things. šŸ˜€

Anyhow, superstitions are now what I view as a collective consciousness of fear. Maybe later today, I’ll write about my take on divination, intuition and superstition, and tease out the nuances that are lingering in between. But first, I have to cleanse out the negative Friday the 13th energy in my work email. Growlz. :/

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