Goofy me oftentimes find I end up spoofing myself in the word prompts. Happily, dappily, I’d take the word of the day and run with it. Sometimes a little too far away. When I read other entries the next day, it would be a gasppppyyy moment of, “wahaha, I’m such a nerd.” People write about funky groovey stuffs, and the architecture light bulb beams in my head, “ooooh groove lines!”

Ah well. I’ll try harder with today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt spoof. There are many meanings to it, it seems, particularly since I read the urban dictionary (heh heh, check out meaning of spoof here). In yesteryears, I would read it along the lines of pranked, while in today’s social media terms, probably along the lines of trolled? And in graphic terms, along the lines of memes?

I have a feeling I got spoofed(/pranked/trolled) by Universe today. I joined for a brief bit of the reiki class to do some refresher practice, and we did self-healing with diamond reiki. Then I saw a diamond ring, so I repeated my words with clearer enunciation “diamond r-e-i-k-i” . The diamond ring grew bigger! I thought to myself, “please don’t strangle me” as I remembered the picture of Monkey King and his metal headband. The diamond ring didn’t! It grew bigger than me, to about the same size as my usual auric golden-white light, and spun around me and around and around. As it picked up speed, it became more like an additional protection shield blending with the golden-white light. There was plenty of space, not at all constrictive like MK’s headband.

Whee~ Pretty nice ring (pun intended) to the Universe spoof of my healing meditation. 😀 Thanks Universe, you really make me laugh. In all love and light. ❤

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