For a while, I lived right up in the clouds. ❤

Then I floated in huffs and puffs to visit the vastness of oceans.

Watched white fairy floss assemble and disassemble over monolithic old cities.
(Can you guess where these are? Hint: all on UNESCO list)

At times, I pause, I rest and I observe, how these super beings do their thing.

Also discovered, my cloud9 reads: clarity.
Now wondering who/what dwells on clouds17, -18, -19, -20 …

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  1. Probably less traveled than you, but surprised how much I recognize: 1. Seville?; 2. Grenada; 3. ?; 4. Segovia; 5. Osaka; 6. Kyoto; 7. Madrid; 8. ?.

    The sitting Buddha is very familiar, but I can’t place it (frustrating). Is it facing the sea in Taiwan?

    Down at the bottom left… I have a photo of one of my old motorcycles sitting at probably very near the same spot on Hwy.1 in California, and the same ride sitting at the bridge (Bixby Bridge) in the fog. Home territory of a (somewhat) misspent youth.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      You have hawks’ eyes! I was wondering who would notice Bixby Bridge hiding in the corner. 😀

      I cannot remember a few photos, relying on the photos’ geotagging function to figure.
      1. Sevilla *dingding* (my all-time favourite Catedral)
      2. Granada *dingding* Alhambra! (sounds like a magic spell)
      3. Segovia (Oops, I meant to put a Toledo picture .. they look the same after a while)
      4. Segovia *dingding*
      5. Osaka-jo *dingding*
      6. Kyoto *dingding* The urban contiguity of this city is quite immense…
      7. Madrid *dingding*
      8. Dijon (most likely, errrrm … could be Beaune too .. they really look the same after a while. :o)

      MAZU 妈祖! Yes, she faces the sea all along the coast of Taiwan (and Singapore, and Malaysia, and .. etc etc)

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      1. Most of my time in Europe was with my parents… long ago. #1 I first was thinking somewhere in France, and #4 I was thinking Rome, and then I remembered Sevilla and the aqueduct in Segovia when I realized that these were in Spain. Osaka Castle… I checked to be sure since Nagoya castle is similar (and I didn’t want to embarrass myself).

        Mazu… YES! And thank you… that was really bothering me. Taiwan is among my favorite destinations.

        Highway 1 from the Bay area to San Luis Obispo were the haunts of my teenage years. There are some stories… a few I might even be able to tell. 😉

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        Spanish (architecture) history is very interesting. Many of them went through the hands of Romans, Arabs/Moors, Jews, Catholics, etc.
        French ones are … ermm… more interesting looking through the eyes of the French painters. This is really nerdy, but when I was in France, I was identifying locations from paintings. “Oooh, xx gare”, “ooh, that serpentine rue-de-yy Monet painted so many times”. 😀

        Hehe, Big Sur – I cannot remember where we visited or even which direction we went. I remember Bixby only because the name was funny – “Big’s Be what?” or “Big’s Pee bridge?” and the structure not looking very sound. :/ (I think too much).

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      3. I appreciate the history, but my sister would be the one apprehending your observational skills; afraid I’m the family Philistine in that regard.

        ” …the structure not looking very sound.” Ha! The smaller Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge collapsed about 18-months back (since rebuilt), and the road is still closed on the south end (huge landslide).


  2. margaret21 says:

    Lovely photos. You’re very well-travelled indeed.

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