Time and again.
Time and tide wait for no man.
No time already, kthxbye.

So tempting to end on such a note. 😀

The third line is what I hear every morning, Mom going, “Oliverrrrrrrrr, no time already….” as I slowly crawl myself out of bed to prepare for work. Then negotiation ensues for another ten-fifteen minutes, “ah-ma, five more minutes”. “No five more minutes, you are late already,” which is obviously not true. This nearly-four-year-old can read a clock by now, I assume. When they are nearly out of the door, the next negotiation would be whether to walk, cycle, scoot, and sometimes ridiculously to go on a stroller, and the most recent mode of transport is to go on piggyback. Though I doubt he got the piggyback any more than once. Daily struggles, yet a loving use of time.

I ambitiously agreed to take on something, and will be like the birds for a while … so I may be reducing my blogging time. Perhaps will try out some 6-word or 3-line challenges, or just going for all the photo challenges available. Haha. We shall see. I will, at the same time, still ambitiously aim for a blogpost a day. Haha, we really shall see. Time is what we make of it!

While preparing for this new adventure, I was asking the cards tonnes of questions, as I still audaciously believe I can manage my time to juggle all aspects of life. Again, I pulled out the different decks (yay, love blowing dust off decks), and they sort of responded in the same answer. Pretty much along the lines of: “yes, the timing is right now”, “all/many pieces of puzzles have fallen in place, go for it”, “swift as an arrow”, and “right on target”.

Pieces of puzzles? What puzzles? This is a recurrent theme in the picked cards, but I see no puzzles. The last card I drew before I moved on to blogging this post:

Sometimes things happen in a wink, or at least they seem to. This card indicates one of those moments. Events have been set in motion and will move toward their logical ending very quickly. This is no random happening, though. The situation has been building whether by precise and conscious design or by a series of accidents. All the pieces are in place. It takes just one spark of energy, one single movement, and the matter will be decided.

Vote of confidence. Haha, bookmark for myself.

Guess now is the time to end with a

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  1. anne leueen says:

    I have an almost 4 year old Grandson. He will be going to school ( junior kindergarten) in September. For now he is always eager to get up and get going but the way you described the 4 year old in your llife reminds me of my son ( now 32 years old) . He was a great procrastinator and had to be chivvied and reminded to get going a lot.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Oliver takes a long time when it comes to preparing for school (childcare). Sometimes I do wonder whether he is just indulging in the bantering and cajoling. This morning was a bout of high-pitched screaming and giggling, “I’m sorry, ah-ma” and still running around the house instead of getting ready.
      Both my parents are very strict about timing/punctuality, so all of us are like great procrastinators to them. 😀 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. anne leueen says:

        One time when my son was not dressed I put his clothes in bag and said “I see you’ve decided to go to schòol in your PAJAMAS.”. And we went. He got changed when we got to his school and never did that again.


    2. leapingtoes says:

      Hahahaha, good one!

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