Pulse of youth

Managed to find a laptop with a CD-reader, and extracted all my old Melbourne photos from 2005! Still short of something I am very proud of, and very very very short of all the other cities’ pics. Maybe they were all in film format … I have no idea … more deep mining around the house over the next weeks.

We were so young then! Dad could drive long hours and late at night. Now he doesn’t, he is happy to be driven around, or he will just cycle wherever and in the day. My childhood bestie flew over from Sydney to join us and my parents were pretty amused by us little kiddies and our childish behaviour. Now bestie has two little kiddies, and he still comes over during the new year with his little ones to amuse my parents.

Next up, I’m going to aim for all the Sydney pics. My bro joined us in Sydney, so there were so many more entertaining sillybilly photos, including my parents sandboarding in the dunes!

Not forgetting my favourite event, which I attended with a wad of cotton in my mouth. I had my wisdom tooth taken out (it broke on a green apple!!) the day before that, to the horror of my boss who so kindly hunted down a dentist to help me on a public holiday. ❤


The pulse of youth beats to the rhythm of fun.
Pain was not in the dictionary then.

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