A Photo a Week Challenge: Music

My memories of Andalucian culture was mostly of music and dance – it is after all the home to Flamenco, a dance form that keeps my heart upbeat and fluttery. Guess that bit of travel sort of opened up my heart to the idea of expression, as exposure to the music, concept and history of flamenco clicked into something deep within.

Every square big and small had someone playing lively music live. We would pack some food from the market or shops, and just sit out at the piazza and enjoy a picnic on the steps. My favourite performance was outside Catedral de Sevilla. It was perfectly timed to the pace of the setting sun.

Being totally immersed in music every step of the way seemed to bring out the inner rhythms in anybody. I couldn’t help taking photo of this anonymous passerby who fitted so well with this theme. She looked like she’s ready to break into a dance any moment. As for me, I was feeling the strong sense of rhythm from the architectural elements, and yes, I too could feel something in me ready to break into a dance. 😀 Although, I do know I have two left feet.


Thank you Nancy Merrill for this week’s
A Photo a Week Challenge: Music.

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  1. Sometimes I find myself involuntarily moving my feet or bopping my head when there’s a good tune. 😉

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  2. With a strong musical background, I find myself tapping, moving, and singing at sometimes inappropriate times and places. 🙂 Love your post! Thanks for joining the challenge!

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