Umbrella novelties

I really really really really really miss Sevilla.

Last night till this morning, I was working on some research to prepare for my upcoming journey. Part of the studies revolved around this Metropol Parasol (you can read about it or watch the video here). This was the nearest I got to the umbrella, because I was very very tired. There seemed to be an invisible line to not cross, as we visited this spot a few times to just rest and chill out before heading elsewhere, yet we never ever ventured any further.

My memory says that Dad did go there, went up to have a view of the city. I definitely did not, as I saw the steps and assumed that there would be no lifts and no escalators and there was no way I was going to take another step further. This morning I checked with him, and he went through his photo collection and found this same one. I showed him the video and he was very surprised that this place is so huge. Hahaha. Must have been a matter of perspective, us looking at the narrow corner instead of its longitudinal edge. Tsk!

The novel aspect of this six-pack of city umbrellas is that it was the largest wooden structure in the world (there’s a 18th storey one now though, but then again the new one is hybrid). To me, the bigger novelty is that it used glue as reinforcement. HAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG. Maybe I really should have gone up to investigate if they left any glue stains.

Geeky weekend entertainment. I think I’m starting to fall in love all over again. Demystifying the confusion from 19 years back. Really takes fresh eyes and a second chance. ❤


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