Catching up

Time flew past like crazy airplanes! I missed so many prompts that I shall attempt to catch up on them right now. I was sorting out some matters on the personal front, was thus pretty caught up. Fortunately in a light manner, not a squirmywormy one.

Let’s start with the Community support up the Spiral of Consciousness. I am very very fortunate to have a very strong support team – the Light Team of intangible beings, the Earth Team of friends and family, and the special team of Transformers in between. The way I see their roles is that the Light Team filters in information and higher wisdom beyond what I see in my own sphere of “have-gone-through-experience”. So their higher wisdom filters in and broadens and lightens my path up the Spiral of Consciousness, making it easier and smoother, and possibly faster and lighter. While at the same time, I live on earth in an earthly body which is supported physically and emotionally by the soul family herein to put me through the lessons I have come to earth to learn. The “teachers” teaching through undesirable-but-necessary lessons aside, I have wonderful people standing by me all these while, and special persons who swoop into town at the most opportune timing. I have what I call the Transformers Team, who are like transformers that step down high-frequency information from the Light Team that my physical self is yet to be able to catch. I have the day-to-day cleaning team to just do the upkeep of my auric fields and keeping negative thoughts or low frequencies at bay, so I can teeter up the Spiral faster and clearer – this is the meditation class I go for every week, which also clears up whatever sh*tty bits in order for me to take on the light frequencies of what’s-up-next. I have the deeper cleaning team that goes laser sharp into healing old programs at many levels – that would be the theta class I go for every now and then. These two actually feature more as the spaceholder, which facilitates my own Transformer role from the higher realms to earth. I have two key Transformers – ZS helps me with the healing of even deeper sh*ts that I (probably) do not have the guts / courage to face on my own; while LW guides me on framing my approach to what’s to come, and viewing it from a good earthy, practical point of view. So yes, it does take a whole village of different beings to raise a human to the right potential.

We were chatting today about my shocking moves. I know, sometimes I shock myself too. I don’t really want that shock factor to be my identity, but I really cannot help it when Universe throws something on my lap, it clicks with me, and then I just take it and run with it. Yet in another way, I really love that I dare to live in the moment and act on what I am intuited to do. Because life is short, and every moment passes, and another comes. That is an undeniable law of the universe, and I am ready to surf it that way.

I had big plans (I’m a planner … if you don’t already know), but they weren’t moving the way I envisaged / planned them to be. Sometimes the Universe has a different way of delivering gifts. When PP came into my radar, it just felt right. It came in with a (god)speed and frequency that just clicked with mine. I guess it also did help that Universe spent at least a week preening me up for the occasion, albeit the process really wasn’t a pretty one. Now that I’m on board with the big task in my hand, I have to work all the rest of the bits and pieces to make things tic, preferably like clockwork. I basically have to fly out of the country for at least two days every week for the next four months. While we were chatting, Lynda (she’s clairvoyant) kept seeing an airplane, but it was to SF. I’m definitely going PP for sure, so I have absolutely no idea how any other trip is going to materialise (I haven’t even gone to FR this year yet). More mysteries from / of the Universe (but do bring it on, I’m game). Guess that scores for Effervescent – my vivacious and enthusiastic approach to the potential life brings.

I also learnt one thing from our conversation which I believe would be useful for everyone. When you are intuited to do something, do it. Don’t drag your feet. It is not merely about how many times opportunities are willing to knock. Today I learnt that sometimes the wheel of fortune turns in your favour, and sometimes it turns in others’ favour (hopefully as well as yours). Maybe right now it turns purely in your favour, there is a sort of captive market where it is yours and yours only. Once the window shifts, there would be many more others in the pool, and then you’d be faced with competition, and you are only one of the choices, so good luck to you (and to all others at the same time).

Two more prompts to go. Haha! I am very thankful for the wonderful Contact with a very beautiful soul today, when we got to joke about very punny local sayings that arose, like the imagery of someone who gave the feeling of swallowing glass, Ouch! I couldn’t figure the saying at first, so we just laughed at how maybe 那个人吃玻璃长大的 – local saying we grew up with, so it’s hard to explain here.

I think I’ll skip the Cat (RDP #72) for now, there’s still time tomorrow. ❤

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  1. yes, for our short time here we should do things that tug at us

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yup yup. We would all evolve faster if we just do what tugs at us.


  2. sgeoil says:

    Ha ha, clever catch up! I agree about doing something if intuitively it feels right; I’ve always tended to do that and have never been disappointed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you thank you! Time-saver’s strategy! 😀
      We shall keep up the momentum of universe’s prompts *high-five*
      (and ragtag prompts too..hahaha)

      Liked by 1 person

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