Love me tender

This video came around again today, so I thought I’ll share it here. I was a little reticent about posting it here at first, but I guess the white feather that just appeared on my left is saying “go ahead”.

I had a similar situation four years ago, when I first met my Spirit Guide. I met two of them, one was a very elegant lady in a white dress, actually come to think of it, she looks like the Mother Gaia figure who appears at my meditations. She was very poised and every gesture was tender, matching up perfectly to the picture of XIV Temperance. The other one looked like what we would call an ah beng in Singlish terms – outrageously loud and uncouth. When he appeared, I was like, “NOo. Can I change (to another spirit guide)?” So the Lady-in-White stepped in and spoke to me on other stuff, which I can now only recall “unconditional compassion”. After my conversation with her, I was asked whether I am ready to talk to the other spirit guide, and I was (reluctantly) okay. I realised how judgemental I was, when deep within me, I knew his presence in protecting me since decades ago. He would gently tap me awake to go back to my room when I dozed off in the living room – because I lived on the ground floor, and it was really not safe as I could be seen through the ground floor window (I lived in North Melbourne then). I had seen his presence quite a few times, when I prayed for protection as I walked through dark alleys or roads under no choice of mine. I had always thought it was, and accredited the protection to, AA Michael, but then again, now that I am more discerning about frequencies, I can feel the difference. I don’t think it matters to them, but it is good learning for me.

Anyhow, I guess the lesson is that all of us face our own judgemental-ism at some point, and it is an aspect for us to choose whether we want to hang on to it or to let go of it. Guess it is also Universe’s way of showing me the question bugging me just now, about “what the heck did you want me to learn from this incident?” when some crappy thing took me by surprise this evening. I really could not understand why “the lesson is hers, not yours”. Now with what I have just written all over, just above, I can understand what-the-heck-the-lesson-is.

So yes, thank you Light Team, including you Ah Beng, and all my white-feathered friends, for always showing your presence and wisdom. ❤

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