Oh gosh, I’m back (temporarily) into a sane world of normal human pace, and realised I have missed yarn, remember, elder, fluffy, and I shall be early on brio.

The tuk-tuk ride to school was very poignant. I suddenly remembered so many things in PP from ten years ago. The dry dry fluff and dust that flew into my face and my nasal system, and the yummylicious smell of barbecue, fried chicken, on the way into the city. I remembered the single-storey, naturally ventilated airport which did not have direct flights to Singapore, and shared a flight with Siem Reap on the route to and from Singapore. Now, I disembark to a double-storey, high ceiling, air-conditioned airport, with quite some flights to choose from.

There are so many tall tall tall tall buildings now, skyscrapers in steel and glass. I laughed and told my seniors about how the tallest building was this 6-storey one when I was last there, and they had the first and only elevator in PP. There was a lady with a chair in the lift with a wad of money and a cloth. I remember she kept cleaning the elevator, but could not remember whether we paid or tipped her (hence the wad of money).

I have not much yarn to spin from this trip, other than the tales of ten years ago. I was absolutely caught up between – getting acclimatised, orientated with the admin matters (and people), finding my way around the building, figuring out my timetable and the classroom and the class, and at the same time remotely juggling my SG day job.

Overall, the trip was superduper fun. I realised how much I love and enjoy design, the design environment, teaching design, and sharing knowledge. I adore the seniors who are with me on these, it is so enjoyable discussing ideas with open-minded people who seem to understand or have gone through the similar struggle I did, and I feel … normal! 😀 I didn’t think I could “social” for more than a day, but they were so interesting to chat with, that I actually put down my work to enjoy every meal with them however long each meal took. Haha, I would be evil to call them “elders” to meet the RDP – they were my seniors in architecture school – I was a freshie when they were doing their masters.

In summary, I am happy to say that I am tackling this new journey with tonnes of brio~

Wheehee~ all RDPs scored! ❤

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  1. I understand about how the city has changed. One of my header photos is PP across the Mekong back in the 00’s. The tallest structures in the skyline back then were some pagodas. Really amazing difference in just 15-years!

    The school where I conducted my 2002 graduate project is still there (just east of the airport), but it now looks quite a bit different with all new, modern buildings. The area around it was mostly rice fields and farms back then. Now, the road is lined with buildings (though many are in disrepair). And a lot of the fields have been back-filled with earth to raise them above flood-level for construction.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I went through your blog trying to find the pics! 😀 Ended up reading and seeing our similarities.
      There seems to be a pattern of, “why can’t we do something about it?”, butting head in, and then, “oh. reality bites.” Ow.
      The other thing was the name Mekong – it always makes me do a double-take, “wait, which country are we talking about?”.

      I probably will be sounding very random and incoherent in the next two weeks. E.g. do you remember how fragrant Cambodia coffee was!! 😀

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      1. Yes about “reality”. I had personal motives for wanting to make a difference. But there was a great deal of naivete in my approach back then. You have to be careful. It’s a good way to destruct if you lose yourself in the process.

        I have a “Categories” list on the right. Click “Photography” and my header photos should come up. One of them is a fisherman on the Mekong (in Cambodia ;-)) with PP in the background.

        As for the coffee… Southeast Asia was what started my addiction, first up in the far north of Thailand. In Cambodia, a cà-phê sūa đá at a little ethnic Vietnamese family’s restaurant was a coveted reward. “Enlightenment in a Cup” – October 7, 2014.

        “Random and incoherent”… Ha, ha. Works for me!

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  2. margaret21 says:

    Ha! Well done for multi-tasking on all the prompts. What a pro!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you thank you! Scoring on efficiencies here. I should be back on track blogging proper posts the week after next. 😀 😀

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