Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt brings to mind a very recent article I read about why westerners fear robots while the Japanese do not, and it has to do with the realm of spirituality I have been writing about. I never saw the correlation with the new technologies, so this article really opened up my mind to bigger possibilities of how our reading glasses can reshape our viewpoint of how the world works.

I am already knee deep in trying to understand the natural world, so I have never looked into this other new realm of robots before, and found this article really interesting. So much discussion has gone into artificial intelligence, while I am merely at the stage of struggling with my own intelligence and intelligence of my own kind. So I shan’t write too much about what I do not know.

What I do “know” of are myths and past stories of … let’s say … how Atlantis was an advanced tribe that was wiped out due to their misuse of technology. And their technology was – crystals! While all we are left with today are some metaphysical healing aspects of crystals – usage for protection, usage for balancing emotions, for empowerment, for communication, etc. If Atlanteans were to look back (or forward) to us now, they would be thinking, “how mediocre, this new generations, are they really our species?” Just like, when I read about these, I think, “how do people carry out technological warfares with crystals, and be able to wipe out an entire population with them?” My brains like to dwell on such ideas, even though there are no factual findings to back these theories up.

In my other iffy world altogether, I still have dreams of the Atlantean times. They have stopped for a while now, but the dreams from long ago are still very vivid in my mind. How we were running as the sand collapse in dunes as we ran. I blogged a few such dreams before, but I cannot remember where I saved them. There was something about guilt, there was something about leadership, there was something about compatriots. There was something about two very key men in this life – one whom I saved, the other whom I worked with to lead the tribe and always taking amazing care of me. It is funny, the one who led the tribe with me led many tribes with me in many previous lives. I do hope we can lead together again this life. Looking like something in the stars, but guess that too depends on whether people live up to what has been written in the stars.

Strange thoughts. How the heck did I get into writing about this? Hmm. Ah well. At least I can tick another RDP off the list. ❤

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  1. I’m all in for the house cleaning robots

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I’m only just learning to use Siri … 😀


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