I am awake! I have been just busybusybusybusy that I was just workingworkingworking to churn things out, and I am finally awake to my own senses and sensibilities today! It is a good feeling to own myself again.

Posh is such an apt prompt to write to, this recovery weekend with one full dozen of oysters, a honey sake topped with a pretty purple flower, and two premium sushi rolls! One sushi roll was free because they served me the wrong one – as I was so sleepy and hungry, I ate it up without noticing it at all. It was such an appropriate illustration of “I take what is served on my plate” concept that we happened to be chatting about. The Divine really has its way of proving a point. 😀

I have also been reading about warnings of Venus being in shadow / soon-to-be retrograde and to watch my spending! Haha, there is so much activity up there in the skies somewhere out there in the Universe that my current interim conclusion is that it takes up too much attention to read into it. It is easier to listen to the inner compass, which seems to be tuned in (very very much). How tuned in I am – urghz, I just bought two Alice+Olivia dresses. 😮 Gasp. This is always what happens when I am very busy and and wake early in the morning needing some de-stressing. Sigh, I really need to check the last astrological period that I bought 1 pair of prada + 1 pair of gucci + 2 pairs of I-don’t-even-remember-what-they-were. I remember these two cos they are really pretty and comfortable. Fortunately, I truly love them enough to be worth paying that much for them.

Other than that, I believe I have been pretty down-to-earth. hehe. Maybe I should pamper myself alot more! But poshness is not really my style or my idea of what makes a good life. Or at least that’s how I see it. Ironically, some friends have been putting me in the category of posh, or maybe that is because I hang out too much with bohos. 😀

Alright, I have now met my lowered bar of one-post-a-week. Hopefully (again), I can write again tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after the day after tomorrow, and everyday after that! ❤

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  1. That drink looks very pretty.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      It tasted very pretty too! 😀 Sweetness of honey, with the freshness and depth of sake. I accidentally slurped up the flower, it tasted pretty textured. 😀

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