Contrasts and perspectives

I am at the airport again, a very early 6am half asleep and having a bowl of hot soup vermicelli before I get on the plane.

For the past few days, I have been sleeping at least ten hours every night, which is great! But it was only last night that it occurred to me I may have caught a cold/flu, hence body was totally knocked out every evening. I think how we feel and see the world really depends on how we frame it, and how we tell ourselves what is happening. I stopped saying things like, “I am down with a cold/flu”, because I no longer think one can / should be down with anything. If everything in life happens for a reason, so would any of the inconveniences that appear in the course of things. Now that I am “over” it, I see its role as a way of making myself rest. Since my trip back last Fri, I have been saying, “I have been totally concussed / knocked out”, just “very tired” or “very sleepy” or “very drowsy”. I no longer “judge” these inconveniences ( / sickness?) nor do I hold any animosity towards it. I used to hate being sick, I used to want to drive out the virus because it / they are enemies / threats to my health. But now I just tell my whole body and all my body cells that I love everyone of them, and that everyone of them are healthy, it thwarts the whole approach altogether. Now I see them as merely needing rest. “Sickness” no longer as enemies to health, but rather part of health.

Strange, right? This whole framing of perspective can be a really good life hack if we buy into it.

Another easier example is my conversation with Sis last week. She is now my “grabhitch” driver – if I land in the daytime, I will hang out the rest of the day at the airport until she knocks off from work. This saves a long journey of the entire length of my country. 😀 We live right in the west, and the airport is right at the eastern end. While working in the super comfortable terminal, I was overwhelmed by the usual chitchattering of Chinese talking extremely loudly as though the airport is a market and they have to shout the price of fish across the alley. So, as usual, I whined and groaned to my sis on WhatsApp. She really is a huge contrast to me. She just laughed and agreed with everything I was groaning about, but she said, “yes, I love walking around the terminal and hearing all those loud Chinese. They are my market.” Haha, the more the merrier to her, since that would mean she’s doing very well with her work. I am always very amazed by how she can be so embracing to everyone, whether or not it is business-related. I remember visiting her at hospital, and someone really gregarious came in to visit her. When the person left, we were asking her why on earth she has friends like that. Her answer was very nonchalant, “no one else likes her, so she hangs out with me” or something along that line. Amazing, right? My bro is a little like that too, but in a very different way – he would just tell me to ignore the annoying bits and everything else would be acceptable.

So many things to learn from them. 🙂

Alright, time to board, gotta go. TTYS!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you!!! It was a good flight, and I managed to keep awake the whole day. One more day to go, and I’ll be back to the comfort of my own bed. ❤


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