Brace for the ride

Something weird is happening. I cannot get my head around it, and the angels keep nudging me to write. So, guess it is time to get my act together again.

Guess I was supposed to brace myself for the rocky ride around Venus Retrograde, which I briefly and kiddingly wrote about last week. So we are officially in her retrograde season, and I am going nuts. I really do not like the idea (at all!) of getting too hyped up about astrological events as there are just too many to monitor or watch out for in my already filled calendar. However, some things are really just undeniable truths in the force of the Wheel of Fortune. If it hadn’t happened to me, I would not even be looking it up everywhere in cyberspace to try to comprehend what is this weirdo phenomena happening.

It is so strange – how can one person who briefly crossed path with another then keep running through the other’s mind. Then again, is that one mind or two minds? The brief exchange of a word or two, not even enough to form a sentence. How does it work? Someone from the same institution(s), but with a time lag of a few years – a time lag of just enough years to never cross path in that/those institution(s), and then tada a magical path-crossing on a foreign land in the most serendipitous (?) of ways.

It is weird. Really weird.

Then again, my business partner and I were from the same institution too, in the very same physical campus, dealing with the very same sports, participating in the very same “house”, but with a grand time lapse of two and a half decades. We worked together and lived as neighbours in a foreign land too, and have always pondered about the reason why the Universe brought us together into that same space. Guess it’s pretty obvious now. 😀

Back to my rant about astrological phenomena. I was happy for a bit about Mars going direct, and could feel all the fire, passion and driven-ness in the air. And then suddenly, wheeeeuwwww, it’s back to some other planetary retrograde again. Everyone of them keeps going direct going retrograde, it is so difficult to catch up with their movements. Tsk. I wish they would all just stay still and my life with eventful in the Mars direct kind of way for a long enough period to breathe! And only when I get bored, then bring on whichever retrograde to stir in some emotions. But … guess the Universe is bigger than me. 😦 sulk.

I’m normal in the way that the adjectives that go with all these articles on VR contains “weird”, “nuts”, “crazy” which is exactly how I am feeling before I even looked it up. I was also a little tired (my heart can’t take it no more) to read up on any more retrogrades. After reading this article on the impacts / affects / effects of VR, it feels like the “hard decisions” period that Lynda mentioned has arrived early into my space. Then again, it is  now October, and we are pretty much transiting into the next year already. Either that, or Universe is kind enough to give very early warning signs of what is to come. Or, maybe I am just more than ready to embrace a new life, and so Universe says “go go go , take it and go”.

Arghs. I don’t know. It still feels like madness and a crazy period of things I cannot comprehend. Mind is going on overdrive on something that Mind does not understand. I am so sorry, Mind. I have never felt (so) sorry for Mind before. Tsk. Arghs.

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