6am rolling

It’s 6am writing from the airport again. I am feeling like a plump little plum rolling around in a bunch of linguistic obstacle course. One project is in a “mess” which I was engaged in detective work before I slept, and still have not found the clues to the existence of some terms that emerged out of nowhere. I vaguely recall seeing it somewhere in that pile of differences, but not could not pinpoint its relation to the rest of the mess.

It would have been easy to just get angry and throw in the towel. However, funny as it sounds, with the new spectacles I am wearing to view life, it is hardly possible to get angry at anything. I wish I could roll around like a bowling ball, and then knock all these obstacles down like bowling pins. But these pins are pretty good decoys, or maybe I am just pretty good at getting distracted – I stare each one of them in the face and go, “huh.. how did you come about?” and then start examining the existence of each, hoping I could study them to death instead of having to knock them down and down the drain.

I want to get angry and say, “hey man, why the heck are you so messy?” But that would mean I have to say, “hey men, why the heck are you so messy?” because all of them are messy. Then again, maybe those are traits of creative people. Hmm. I am an organized creative person, but that also makes me a tame creative person. Hmm. Maybe I should aim to get messy and be a wild creative person. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Okay, then I thought to myself, “hey woman, just think what people will say when they have to deal with you dealing with numbers”. Hahahhaahhahahahahahha. Gosh. I don’t really want to go there. Numbers float past me like little feathers. “Oooh, fluff.” I recognize their existence, but I just know not what to do with them – “let’s just peacefully coexist”, no surprises, just tell me I have enough to go around. Plump wallet, I hope. Plump schedule too, I wish. Plump everything is amazing abundance~ haha. It’s new moon, I wish for plump everything other than a plump body. ❤

Oh gosh. What a rant. Maybe I need to stop writing at 6am with my nonsensical mind raves.

Time to board, TTYL!

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  1. I giggled at the tame creative person comment.😁 I’m generally an organized creative, but sometimes I just get really into what I’m doing and next thing I know I’m me and my materials are well spread out. Granted I always clean up right away when I’m done.😉

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