Tarot wideSpread

I shall just be very very late on last Sunday’s prompt: Panoply.

Just did a superduper extensive, and pretty much impressive (at least to me) spread of tarot. πŸ˜€ Look at it! Β It started out as an innocent celtic cross spread – which is already considered very elaborate for someone at my level of patience. I normally pick one card each time, and at times four cards to give a more rounded perspective on the issue at hand. All the fanned out sets of three cards are clarifying cards, because the single cards are too cryptic!

Why would a person be crossed by Seven of Cups – where am I scattering my energies and what can do about it? Haha, ends up with another three from the Cups. Got an unknown card – there is something very cryptic / hidden / enigmatic about this issue, I suppose, it got some other wild / unknown cards from other decks too. Anyhow, it is the past, and apparently things have moved to brighter grounds, so maybe it is meant to be kept in the past without further unveiling, or that the past however ugly is what transcends the situation to the brighter current present.

Five of Swords has its share of clarification too – why would anyone have conflicts/betrayal as dreams and ideals?

I stacked on the cards for Hierophant because I was wondering whether it means what I am reading its meaning to be, and apparently yes.

It’s pretty fun, this one. Sky used to laugh at why I never get Cups in my readings, even when they are about relationships. Look at this one – Ace, Two (no Two of Cups, but Lovers is here), Three, Β (no Four, yay!) Five, (no Six, which is quite a big nod to which one of the “hard decision” to take) Seven, Eight, Nine, (no Ten? :s), Page, and no other court cards. It’s the most number of Cups I have received to date, and missing the usual ones that pop up. Pretty impressive, hahahaha.

Three Pages are here, seems like an interesting fresh spin of journey. And there’s the Page, Knight, King of Pentacles here, just short of the Queen. Quite some interesting major arcanas too.

Life feels very very different, like spinning off into a different tangent altogether. We shall see. πŸ™‚

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