Here is the herd of our next gen in the neighbourhood. Also the ones in our ah-ma daycare – also known as My Living Room (sometimes My Room). The three boys all go to the same public school but not the same class. It is very nice to see how the two elder boys take care of each other now, while they used to fight (for attention) when they were younger. It is hard to forget how they fought over Pikachu clothes when they were barely toddlers, and one time Oliver even tugged the pants off Rui2. Now they are super protective over the new didi (little brother) – Rui2 always coo-ing over how cute Oscar is, and Oliver screaming “donnnnnn’tttttt touchhhhh” when anyone goes near didi.

It is nice how even though we have no recollection of our childhood before three, we can see how we probably lived through the lives of these little ones. Guess that is also why my aunts are always coo-ing about how my dad took care of them when they were little (when we show pics of our lives in our generation).

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