Waiting to get my haircut done (busybusyhairdresser), and decided to just write in the meantime. I would have called myself a fabulist in that I’m a fabulous multi-tasker who waste not a moment of my time/life/whatever. Thanks to the very educational Ragtag Daily Prompt, which is Fabulist today, I realise that it actually means a person who relates tales/fables, or a liar. Ouch! Going a little further with my associative thinking skills, seems like fabulist stemmed from fables then? Fab-XX!

Now that I am done with my other Fab – a fabulous haircut. Glorious short hair, I love it. Where have I been all these years? It is so fab I instinctively want to take a photo, and William had to teach me how to take a selfie. πŸ˜€ He has been my hairdresser since my first short haircut, making it more than a decade of loyalty at his salon (although for much of the decade, I was overseas). It was really fun to see the glee on his face as he snipped off whatever hair that was left from my past two months of short hair. hahaha. So, maybe one fine day, I will really try a buzz cut?

* * * Anyhow, back to Fabulist * * *

I am in a much better mood today, but was in a rather depressive emo state the last two days. Tales from the past somehow returned to my emotive energetic space for no reason at all. Or maybe there’s some astrological reason for it (Nadiya Shah says, “As we start the week, Mars Rx season will be over. This means moving forward fully from this moment on.”) So there. Last day of Mars retrograde = packing up all the rubbish old stories and ready to chuck them out as Mars makes its turnaround.

Rethinking back into the early years, the maternal line of my family (aka mom and grandma) had a whole string of rituals / procedures when any of us entered this world. One of them was to shave our heads, and another was to use some little stone to press against each one of our little fingers, and … the third (or maybe this should be the First) was to check our birthdates – to choose our names, and read our fortunes. I think reading our fortunes come as a “byproduct”, we had to read our fortunes in order to choose our names. But well, everyone is curious about the future, right? I am seeing it again in this generation of the doubleOs, I guess it has been a tried-and-tested procedure that has served us well in the past few generations, so no one wants to test it otherwise.

Me, the Cosmic Fabulist of my own life, shall tell fables of how some of these fortunes told were what kept me sane, and prevented inconveniences in this life of mine. Although they were read in phases of 5-year and 10-year cycles, some accuracy goes all the way down to the year itself. This year for me is a magical year of change – read not just by the fortune of when I was born, but also in many other unrelated readings through the years. As I started reading about the “western astrology” more recently, yup, it coincides as well. And.I.Can.See.It.Coming.Right.Now.

The shifting of tangent away from inconveniences is perhaps the most thankful and most obvious part of how reading-fortune-saved-my-life (in a way). I have been told (repeatedly) that if I get married before 35, I will end up in divorce. Imagine being told that since a child? Mom didn’t tell me that in my face until earlier this year. So I could have overheard it when the aunties were chattering about it in the kitchen when I was a kid (and they have no idea how kids store useless information in their brainspace), or Β it could have been when I graduated from Uni and at the crossroads, and it somehow got raised in that session mom brought me all the way to Malaysia to have my fortune (re)read. No idea, but that is besides the point. I never really bothered with this little snippet, because at that point in time, the modus operandi was to brush aside every word my Mom said.

As I recalled all the crappy things that happened in a crazydarkperiod of my life, I was very very thankful that I did not get married. That would definitely have ended up in divorce. Even without a divorce (because we were so fortunately not married), things already got so ugly and messy, I am so glad there was no need to further deal with paper work and legal matters. So once again, the cosmos did its job of fluffing up the dusty old stories, so I can bring (re)view them and consciously release the old unwanted baggage.

So. All the crazy shit came flooding back, and instead of being sore / resentful / angry / hateful / guilty / sad, I was actually looking at the whole story with alot of love. There was indeed a lot of love in how everything unfolded, just that everyone took the position of Love from their own eyes and perspective, instead of ours – the key protagonists of our own lives. (Yes, there are too many people involved when it is none of their business .. or so I saw through my eyes then.) No one was hateful at all, no one was trying to make anyone upset, it is just that whatever perspective or position (or even action) whoever took, it was through the eyes of how they can help with the situation, except that they were merely very very very wrong. Or maybe they were very very very right, and that was how the Cosmos was supposed to turn.

Well, Universe did his job or righting the wrongs, and Justice did swing its sword and scales into position a few years after that. That was a huge pat on the back for my right decision (I was filled with guilt for years, and wondering if/how I did wrong), and it is only a few more years after that that I saw the whole story, and its choices, its opportunities presented in the little interludes here and there, there and then. And how our lives are a little like reading those “game books” when we were little – choose a path, it goes a certain way, and you end up on certain adventure route; and if you choose another path, it brings you on another adventure route. Now I see why and how our choices can shape the story, not just for ourselves, but for everyone involved. Justice might not have to swing its sword if the scales had measured a good balance of kindness and integrity in the mix. If I had stayed. But if I had stayed, there would still be a whirlpool of conflicts and turmoil. Then the cycle goes around again. So yes, now that I have written it out, it was brilliant that I had broken through that neverending cycle. πŸ™‚ Clever me. Good job.

Yup, so here we go, the fable of my life. I was hoping that I could fill in more details but guess I am not so ready at that yet. This is too much detail already. πŸ˜€

In any case, Universe, you are on time with my new journey and adventure. Or maybe it is more like, hey Universe, I am on time with our new journey and adventure.

Cheerios, Mars Direct!

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