Loving objects

The little ones object to anyone of us feeling blue! I woke up this morning to two chuckling bouncing objects – little bundles of joy.

Oscar was in his cot, and he was flipping the nappy cloth over his face, I think to get my attention? So I peeked over and tossed his little pillows over his eyes. Oliver, for once, pounced on me for a hug. It is quite a bonus, because he had been nonchalantly greeting me and only when told to. (Our family culture is that all the younger generations must greet the older generations.) My sis and I were just lamenting the other day how he different his attitude towards me and to my brother is. Oliver must give my bro a hug everyday before he goes to work, almost a daily ritual. Maybe because my bro tosses him high up in the air. Whereas for me, who used to be his best friend, have to cajole him into even looking at me in the eye.

So yes, this morning was a big bonus. Maybe because I played with didi instead giving him any attention first. 😀 😀 Will try again tomorrow and see if that is the magic trick.


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