Divine drench

Teehee. I am trying to be more thoughtful about my post titles, but it seems that the frivolous aspect of me prefers to always choose some airy catchy alliteration instead. So  I’m going to stick to that, to give the diverse personalities in me their space to do their thing. Anyhow, I am catching up on the pace of blogging again, albeit a little slower, a little sparse, a little random. ❤

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is drench, and may I quote one of the definitions from dictionary.com:


a dose of medicine administered to an animal.
“a worming drench”

    a draught of a medicinal or poisonous liquid.
    “a drench of sack”

Let’s say in this case, I am the animal, and the divine is administering me a dose of my own medicine. Via a very serendipitous anonymous hand.

Since sometime in mid-autumn this year, I have been seeing a surge in the number of views from Japan. It is very telling, because I hardly write this whole period, and hence there were hardly any views this period, so the White/Red flag stands out like a loving thumb in that empty list. Coincidentally too, someone’s trying out a nomadic lifestyle of working while travelling Japan, and I assumed that was her reading my old posts. Or so I thought for the past month. Then, tada~ she is now back in Singapore, and has been for days already. Yet, the number of views from Japan still maintained its happy high. Whoever it is, thank you. Your reading my old posts is helping me revisit my old writings, and funny enough, they are always very timely at helping me re-view the eyes of my old from the eyes of my now new.

I always saw that as the narcissism in me. I actually enjoy re-reading my own words, because many times, I forgot that there is that part of me feeling those parts of things. It always seems like there’s a muse dwelling inside this body that sneaks out, logs into technology, and churns out words in a fluid logic that I never saw. So I have been reading my own old posts from 2016, 2017, and am pretty amazed by 1. how far I have come (yup, I know there’s a lot further I can go too…) ; 2. how the light still shone no matter how dark a place I was in. It is as though my spectacles come with a torchlight that shine a focus on what I need to see.

Thank you anonymous hand, please keep reading. You are helping me so much in guiding my eyes. ❤


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  1. 現在、家族のために日本にいます。しかし、私は他に誰かがいると思う。


    1. leapingtoes says:


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