Conversations past present future. It is very interesting to observe the evolution, or creeping in of adulthood, in our family chats. Or now, the family WeChat. Sometimes, WhatsApp. Mostly logistic arrangements, which reinforces the idea that it really takes a village to raise a child or many children.

I was very surprised to see Oscar sleeping in the living room (it’s airier, bigger and more comfortable than other rooms) when I got home last night. That’s how I learnt his mom is flying off the next day, after which we managed to work out sharing a ride to the airport (the other extreme end of Singapore).

There are many terminals here, so I got off at hers and made my way to mine. So our family chats from night till morning are about this whole flight arrangements, timing, etc. Then I realise how “adult” our conversations have turned. Bro had gotten me a pass to access the lounges so I have somewhere to rest and write in the midst of my travels. I went to the “wrong” one which didn’t have the nice food, so babybro was sending me virtual instructions on where to go. Dad had been telling my sis to get the card too, cos she has alot of travelling to do as well. And now our conversation has moved on to the logistics of getting it. While, I am just chirping in the background of doing this and that together the next time our flight timings coincide.

Our sibling chats in the past (say a decade ago) used to be more about young, daring, adventurous stuff. Like, “hey I’m going diving at xxx place, please don’t tell mommy / daddy okay?” Or, “yea, I have applied for visa to India, no I’m not going tell them until the night before I fly”. We have always been responsible people who made sure that someone else in the family knows our exact geolocation and immediate contact, just not to the worrywarts. Now that we are all grown up, and require efficient conveyance of information, we are very transparent with our whereabouts. We share an app where we store all our flight information, and everyone in the family can access. Sis went a little further to share her “live” location. That, I am still not comfortable. Dad and Sis know where exactly each one is, so they can pass babies around. 😀 How cute. How technological. How lack of privacy. 😮

Anyhow. I think Wednesday wee morning is just a 6am rambling about random thoughts time. Boarding now, good night! Or good morning.

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  1. “We share an app where we store all our flight information, and everyone in the family can access.”

    I have to find that.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Tripit! You can invite users into your network, and then they will always be able to see your itinerary when you import the details. Works for flights hotels and many more. 🙂

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      1. Found it. Looks good. Thanks.

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