Sea Snooze

I had a dream of crystal clear waters again, and this time not in the still boundless ocean but in a crowded sea with waves.

Out of the blue, I sunk into a space of insecurities on Thursday night, and I could not understand why. At an earthly level, I do know why – piles of work, long checklist of tasks, noisy messy people tossing the piles of work around, an upcoming event the weekend ahead, a conversation that brought back memories of the past peak before the great fall, and the association / connect-the-dots in-between.

Before I slept, I asked to be shown why I am brought into such an iffy queasy space again. And so I was shown in that very brief snooze that night.

It was a crowded beach with many people around, everyone enjoying themselves. In a good way, not the noisy kind of way, busy but not annoying. The image was a “sectional” one, meaning I was seeing it as half-water, half-air. I was playing in the shallow waters, where I could run around on the sea-bed of pure clean beige sand. Water was crystal clear. It was a very beautiful scene, the wave was active but not choppy or overwhelming. The sun was up, the skies were blue, with tiny puffs of white clouds dotting the skies. Guess what though, throughout the dream, I was very busy chasing (half swimming, half running) after my slippers, instead of enjoying this beautiful scenario.

Tada~ that was the moral of the study for why I was in the blues. My insecurities stemmed from me riding a high at the moment, there are so many opportunities around me, many new spaces opening up for me to explore. But I was chasing after the slippers which do not belong there at all. I am now in the world of waters, not land, so why would I still be needing these extra baggage that are leading me around and making me so frustrated and worried. Not something I need at all. I should instead, be riding the waves. The metaphorical wave of life, and surfing it. When life is good, enjoy the ride. You may swallow some sea water, or get sand in your hair, but that is part of the experience. Chasing after slippers that serve its purpose only on  land is not. Choose the right focus.

Thank you for the dream, Universe.

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