My favourite walk thus far is in a cemetery. Sounds morbid? Nah, just very wistful. This photograph is taken at Bukit Brown – a former jungle, battleground, necropolis – so much history and heritage, but .. not much of it left, and possibly not much hope of it being left in the future to come. I had only heard of it, it is very close to home, close to school, and home to many famous people it seems. That was the first time I set foot there in June 2014 and it was a really beautiful walk in the park / forest / jungle, with horses trotting along (there’s a turf club nearby).

Other than the memorial and memorable walk itself, that morning was also the first morning I woke up feeling very much alive and feeling the world is different, after a long bout of depression / depressive period since my return. That was the morning I woke up to a wall of esoteric sacred geometry raining down in front of me. I was in awe of the whole sparkley show of glowing shapes. It was a strange morning. That was also the morning I woke up to a world of very fine and refined vibrations enveloping me. It is weird, I remember the entire scene and I remember the entire feel.

Up till now, I do not see a connection between the two, but I guess they each just reinforces the magic of that morning. I guess too, that was the morning I have left the density and heaviness of the past behind. Just.like.that. Life is full of magic, and we shed the old at the blink of the eye, or do we even remember that blink at all?

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