Came home early from work today to hang out with the double O bros. Oliver really had me in fits of laughter from his antics. He was making kungfu noises as he twisted himself around on the ground to tackle me with his flying kicks. Sounded so much like a girl that I called him Olivia. And he got mad! Hahaha.

Although this little boy speaks terrible (or zero) mandarin, his manners of speech are soooo traditionally Chinese. We were watching Ultraman in my room, and Oscar was sort of whinging outside. So I asked him, “Oliver, why did didi cry cry?” And he replied, “Oscar is crying because daddy and mummy pretend to go to work.” Oh gosh, and he looked so sad when he said that.

Kids really know more than we assume they do. Sis and bro-in-law went out for a Christmas party without them.. hahaha. My parents burst out laughing when I told them his words.. because we all know the truth. Hehe. He is so culturally Chinese – does not say things outright, but deflect his words on / through someone else. Tsk!

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