Wow, crossed over to 2019! Wheehee! Instead of having last year segue into this year, I felt I had to interrupt it, almost like a hard reboot. It feels important to me to sit down, collect myself and look back on the year passed, and then dream new dreams for the year ahead.

2018 had been great. Had hoped / planned to blog this before stepping into 2019, but there were too many distractions and finally got onto my blog again half hour past. 😀

Ohborder 2018 started with tonnes of energy and discipline, and I blogged about a deck of oracle/tarot cards everyday for a month plus before I ran out of things to write. Haha. And then I blogged about my paintings, which … hahahaha .. didn’t take long to run out of steam. So I was pretty much relying on the daily prompt to continue my disciplined daily writing, until one day the site closed, when I just embarked on a month long trip.

It was great though, cos that gave us a chance to start our own little community, and so we birthed Ragtag 2018 in June, and I am loving the ragtaggers every bit and every day, even though by the end of 2018, I am hardly writing any meaningful content on my own blog.

Oh, border crossed new borders in 2018. I made my first real trip to Japan. Previous trips were just transiting at the airports, stocking up Royce chocolates. Went to Taiwan too, but it was really just comfort zone and enjoying being pampered by loved ones. Had planned to go Paris (again) and Calif (again), but all plans thwarted by Phnom Penh. I thought it would have been a hard decision, but it wasn’t, not with the Universe preparing me weeks in advance for this new PP journey.

So yes, Oh, border crossed a different kind of border this year too. In my earlier years of developmental/community work, I had been more focussed on the underprivileged and on children. Seems like the tide has inadvertently changed, or redirected, to the other polar end of the very privileged, and also towards the youths. Guess we all grow up, and our dreams grow/evolve too. I guess all the healing I have done, and release of judgements have allowed me to work from a different platform. Privilege and power are not something bad if we learn to wield them in the correct way, and so, I finally understood what my mentor had been trying to explain to (or convince) me from ten years back. (I love you, LTK!) So yes, I outgrew myself and my judgements. 🙂 Great job, I deserve a pat on the back. 😀

Well, PP has taken a bigger chunk of time than I anticipated, and so Oh, border has to take the backseat for a bit until something changes – e.g. I get to hire amazing people to do my work! Or, school reduces curriculum time! Or, I find a way to teleport! Or, .. Hmm. I need more ideas. So yes, you would probably not hear so frequently from me for a while, but I will still remain a quietly magical finger clicking in the backroom of ragtag.

Anyways, 2019! Shall be a great year! I shall be more productive, more efficient, more effective, and … Universe shall help me balance out my schedule between different aspects of my life (thank you Universe!). I shall have tonnes of resources as needed, great fitting resources, abundance in all ways! Gahaha. I feel happy just writing this out. I shall be guided by the Higher Wisdom every moment, and I shall be wise enough to hear the guidance and act on it. I shall enjoy beautiful relationships with all whom I cross paths with, and in all aspects of my life.

Alright, more tangible goals would be – to travel to at least a new city every year. So I guess this year will be Colorado. But I want to go Seattle to visit two lovely peeps too. Anyway, we shall see. Maybe Cebu too. Maybe Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh. Maybe Rome, maybe Milan, maybe Venice. Maybe some place whose name I have never heard before.

Maybe I should aim to pick up a new sport too. I had been iffy and scared about many sports, but seems like the momentum of pushing boundaries last year is giving me a super adrenaline high, and I shall / can extend that to sports too. Ah, now that my office is moving, I will be cycling to work, and that is a tiny little step to start. 😀 Diving sounds a bit much – but then again, it’s about releasing judgements and pushing boundaries, so if the opportunity arise, I shall be brave and take it on. Or maybe snowboarding / skiing – another of my instinctive “no” because I don’t like cold and wet (but apparently that is a huge misjudgement). Or whichever other sports (not bungee jumping, not skydiving). Haha, see what I mean about judgements against certain sports? 😀 Anyhow, we shall see what arises. Bring it on, Universe (but do take care of my safety, k)!

This is really wonderful vibration to be filled up with, in a brand new start of the year. I shall also enjoy the company of the loveliest, most befitting person to walk this journey with and push new boundaries together!

❤ gahahaha ❤ Effortless resolution ideation process. It is really all within us. Each and everyone of us. ❤ Happy 2019 people! Thank you, 2018 for the amazing momentum. ❤

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  1. Hello. Happy New Year. I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. Good luck. K.


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