I share the same sentiment with Margaret about a city not being a proper city unless it has a river running through it. Almost all the cities I have planned has river(s) running through them. Those that do not, are cities directly fronting the sea, bay, but not the ocean though.

This photo is of Phnom Penh, the nearer river being the Tonle Sap, and the one after the sliver of island is the Mekong. Mekong is everywhere – borders Myanmar/China, borders Laos/Thailand, then into Cambodia, then into Vietnam, into the sea. Tonle Sap is a huge lake near Siem Reap, which filters into a river that joins the Mekong.

There are so many urban issues and conflicts revolving around rivers, particularly since this one crosses/passes so many countries. Also particularly since the human race is racing in their selfishness and building dams to (literally) hold back the water to themselves (figuratively, a four of pentacles); and also in their inconsideration with all the pollution we cannot imagine.

Guess I’ll stop here, instead of posting all the shock info I got from one of the latest projects. Shock, but not unexpected. Reality bites!

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  1. Laureen says:

    Since the life of our ancestors took a massive change there by the rivers as the Neolithic Revolution came across I share your sentiment. The picture moved in a way I can’t really explain but it – at least this I can say – filled me with a quiet joy.

    Thank you!

    P. S.: You followed me! Thanks!

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  2. margaret21 says:

    We can only deal with reality in quite small bites, non?

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Si. Will blog them in teeny weeny bites over the next weeks (or months) .. hehe.


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