Yay, really catching up on writing. 😀 There is this photo I took in class one early morning, and it matches the RDP angle! I had nowhere else to show it off, so here would be best!

This is a very dilapidated model from last year. Hence I have absolutely no intention of posting it on my Instagram. However, I really love how the yellow glowy sunlight came through the classroom full height windows, and created such pretty shadows. It was all quiet (the students were late.. again…) and I just sat there admiring the peace and light. And soft shadows at a picturesque angle.

Buildings and objects are really just buildings and objects. The magic really comes from how everything else falls on it, and life unravels with these buildings and objects as their backdrop. If I ever do build again, I want to work with capturing the beauty of the intangible Mother Nature and her elements, with them as the focus and all physical elements only as the framework to serve up her beauty and her dynamism.

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  1. indishe says:

    Beautiful puc

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  2. drkottaway says:

    I like it a lot!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thanks!!! I like it alot too! ❤ hehe

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