Next week is Chinese New Year, and I get to skip a week of air-time. Many people are off for vacations, but no way am I going to make any trip out of this country. Finally some ground time and I am staying put!!! The furthest I am willing to go is probably to the offshore islands some boat ride away from the main Singapore island.

Life really is about balance, isn’t it? It is not really about “first world problems”, but that anyone who hardly get to travel would be zealous about travelling, while anyone who travels all the time would be happy to be sedentary and cuddled up in a nest somewhere. Guess that is why there is a new term around here (new vocabulary for me), “staycation” – stay put in one’s own country, without having to deal with the real world, just like a vacation. Sadly, since I started work, vacation has never been a cut-off-the-real-world holiday, except the few years I was not working and plainly figuring myself out.

So yes, Wheel of Fortune. Life has its wheels that it spins on, and we should just ride on the momentum of the now, and make full use of whatever life throws at us. The ups and the downs have their own pros and cons. When we surf it to what it offers, we make full use of what is available and achieve to the best of that situation because we may never get back to that exact point of the exact offer ever again. Resistance is when we look at what we have, and start thinking of what we should be having, what we could have, but that is not where the wheel is, and we are just plainly wasting away the opportunities of what is.

I love chatting with people from all walks of life and with different perspectives and attitudes, as there is so much to learn (to and/or not to) from everyone. I have come to a preliminary conclusion of why there is no point trying to convince people, they have to come to a point of understanding on their own accord. A person with a negative mindset will not be able to comprehend the positivity no matter which angle a positive person tries to frame it. For example, one can throw in a positive frame of mind on how to view a particular situation, and the negative person will just feel that it is airy fairy and unrealistic. Or one can throw in a positive example of happy things in life, and the negative person will just feel more negative and envious that the other party has got so much good stuff going on in his/her life. Or one can throw in a negative example of how bad things happen to anyone, but the negative person will give even more negative examples of how bad the situation is for that negative person, almost like a competition where the negative person can finally win at. So if a person always chooses to see from a victim viewpoint, and/or even enjoy the (melo)drama of his/her life, he/she will constantly be finding things to squeeze into that script. Hence, there is no point trying to add any positivity to his/her life because he/she prefers and chooses to wallow in self-pity (and adding more spin to that storyline).

We are defined by our own perspective and how we choose to view/see our lives. I want my life to take flight into the abundance of my own life as well as the greater world at large. I am seeing it. I want a growth mindset, and I have a growth mindset. I am doing it.

At times (like right now), the growth mindset gives me weak knees. Universe delivers, and I know I have the potential and the ability and the capacity to do it. I still get weak knees because I have not done it before. BUT, I have seen others do it before, and I will / shall learn from them, and do it – as well, or better. I get weak knees because I was not at the level of seeing the next step, but each time I get comfortable in the current, the Universe shows the next step. And then I broaden my mind (and of course, have to learn and pick up all the skills required) and then it is time to take on the next. One step after another, there really is so much to be thankful for. Universe always delivers. And Universe always gives us what we are ready for. I trust it. I trust I am ready, I know I am ready. I know I am always ready to learn and pick up new and enhanced skillsets for the next challenge in life.

(Reminder to self:-)
Grow and take flight. It may seem scary, but up there in the air is a different kind of freedom. 🙂

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  1. I love this so much! It made me realize that sometimes one word is a seed that we drop into the seemingly infertile mind of the so-called victim, and it will simply stay in the darkness, waiting for the next person who may add a drop of water, then another who may add a bit of sunshine. Years will pass and we never know that our positive word suddenly flowers and a new perspective is available to that closed-off mind we tried to touch so long ago.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yes! Everyone does a little part in sprouting the seed~ ❤


  2. Great post. Very thought-provoking and inspiring. Thanks!

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